Monday, October 19, 2009

Angry Bee....

After weeks of waiting for her costume; this coming after weeks of attempting to find the perfect costume... She. Hates. It. Not a little bit....
But a whole lot...

She seems satisfied being held

Hopefully, it'll grow on her in the next few weeks!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Rambels

Saturday we went to see Hayden play baseball. As soon as I figure out how to combine the videos I took I'll make sure to add a video of his hit and subsequent base run. I have to admit, bias or not, he is stinkin' adorable in that uniform and he plays really well for being such a little guy.
My sister and I also took our parents out last night for their 30th wedding anniversary. This is huge. The fact that they're still married is amazing enough, but thirty ears is pretty darn impressive.
Kenzie is learning leaps and bounds every. single. day. She has learned a handful of new words over the weekend. Inside, outside, Elmo, baseball, Fire Truck(ermm, fire fruck), just to name a few. I know this is the "sponge" age and all, but it simply amazes me watching her figure out the smallest of things.
Today is all about football. I am not doing so well in Fantasy Football today; however, for a small second I actually thought the Buc's may win today to help sponge up some of that sorrow. Not a chance; they're trailing. AGAIN.
Just a friendly reminder if you haven't submitted a recipe and a memory for Zoey's cookbook- tomorrow is the deadline. If anyone is interested in purchasing a cookbook they're 20 dollars with shipping.