Wednesday, November 28, 2012

McKenzie- You're five years old!

Happy, Happy, birthday beautiful girl. It’s so hard to believe you’re already a full handful old. So hard that I nearly forgot to write your letter. I didn’t forget but it has been a wildly crazy week and I am just now getting around to it.
This week you’ve been in and out of the doctors and the hospital with a big ol’ belly ache. You’ve been diagnosed, re-diagnosed, and a whole bunch of “just kidding(s).” Basically, no one knows what was REALLY bothering you- but they do know the antibiotics they prescribed were in vain as you were not suffering from what the original doc said. Sigh.
You started ‘real’ pre-school this year. You’re doing exceptionally well. You’re writing your first, middle, and last name. You’ve learned to spell anyone of importance to you names as well(including, Mommy, Daddy, Brenton, ALL of your classmates, teachers, friends, cousins, you get the point). You are sounding out words and learning to read words by recognizing the sounds they make. You can count and write to 50.You know a ton of sight words. You’re doing so, so, well, and growing up far too fast.
You still are obsessed, READ: OBSESSED, with baby dolls. You rock them, swaddle them, and care for them just as a mother cares for a baby. You have no less than 30 babies and you’re always asking for new ones. I don’t think you have any other toy you love more. It’s ridiculously sweet to watch you nurture them.
You have a ton of best friends, way too many to mention. You love your friends and talk about them all the time. You’re the teacher’s pet and love to be recognized when you do something right. Your teachers love you because you’re so good for them and you’re a super quick learner. In fact, you’re “helping” with some of your peers as well.
You are still stubborn. You fight me a lot on what you want to wear. You’re quite the fan of leggings and don’t seem to care if they don’t remotely match the top you’ve chosen. Most days we pick out our clothes the night before to avoid the craziness that will happen in the morning. Even with your stubbornness, you have a heart of gold. The amount of empathy you show to other people really warms my heart. Even though you obviously want what you want, when you want it- you’re still so, so, aware about other people’s feelings and how your actions impact those feelings. I hope you never, ever, lose that quality.
You’re a sweet little girl. You love people. You see the world as mostly good and this sweet innocence radiates from you. I hope you always continue to view the world this way. It is mostly good, baby girl. And some days when I am having a rough day I can look at you and those feelings migrate to me.
You love God. You pray every night with your little hands tightly clenched asking for your friends to remain safe, your family to remain happy, and the world to remain good. You’re incredible and wise beyond your years.
In closing I am blessed to be your Mama. You’ve been so healing since the day you came screaming into our lives and I cannot imagine life without you. Your spunk is what makes you, you, and I hope you never lose it. Continue to reach for the stars, keep God first, and remember to continue to love blindly and I am confident that you’ll continue to flourish.
I love you to the moon and back,
Five year slide..

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall dance show and Halloween

Kenzie had her Fall dance show on Duane's birthday this year. She danced to Spider Man and did a fantastic job! And then, of course, we had Halloween. Below are pictures! 
Flowers from Grandma and Papa
 Cheesin' before her show
 Alice in Wonderland on Halloween
Asking for eye contact is like asking for the world to stop rotating
On the go, Fireman!

 Trick or Treatin'
 They do LOVE each other!