Monday, May 31, 2010


My hobby-a constant work in progress!

McKenzie: You're two and a half years old!!

I say this every time I write your quarterly letter, but it's true, and so hard to fathom that you're growing so very fast. In a short 6 months you'll be three! And you'll try your hand at being a big sister. I hope you love y0ur brother as much as you seem to love EVERY baby. You're still quite stubborn and I've come to realize that this isn't a phase, but it's you. We're Okay with that. You throw less temper fits now(though you surely haven't forgotten how to)! You're a riot to be around- constantly making Daddy and I laugh. You have become obsessed with only wearing jean shorts; you have a thousand cute outfits in your closets collecting dust. Part of the fun of having a girl is dressing her, so cooperate with me- mmm Kay?!

You're wicked smart and sweet. You really are showing empathy a lot. I cry and you hug me and tell me that it's OK and apologize(even when you have nothing to be sorry for)!
Your language skills have exploded. You use 5 word sentenced all the time now. You remember everything! You still have some pronunciation issues: Max and Wuby(for Ruby) Frea(for Dora) Ginky(for binky)- but we clearly understand you 99% of the time. I presume this is the reason for your improving behavior!
You are 100% potty trained. We still use a pull up at night- but most nights you wake up dry. This has made our lives so easy.
You know all of your colors, most of your shapes. You learn new songs daily at school(which you now love, by the way!) Your current favorite is the Bumblebee song(and you totally emphasize the "OW!" part). You have to say, "Good Bye, See you later- to all of your friends!

It's hard to explain how our hearts find room every day to love you more- but like an unexplained science, it does. You really are the reason we do every thing we do. As we welcome your baby brother in the next few months I worry about how this will impact you. But I imagine our hearts will learn to grow that much more.
We love you to the moon and back
Mommy and Daddy!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Little Ms. Independent

Today McKenzie came from upstairs, handed me her yellow shirt and asked for me to assist her in putting it on.
Once it was on- she quickly hopped back onto the stairs, quickly walking back to her room. From about mid-way she shouted, "Thanks! Bye Mommy, See you later!"
Seriously? Since when does 2 1/2 mean 13 1/2??

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Snakes, and snails, and puppy dog tails??

Yesterday was our "BIG" ultrasound with our perinatologist. First and and foremost our little baby appears perfect. Nothing notable was noticed on the ultrasound. Except, well, a PENIS?!

A Boy?! This is new. I was totally ready to welcome another girl into our household- but our last little baby is a boy.

We're about 90% sure his name will be Peyton Issac.
A BOY. I am going to have a son! I am preparing for being peed on; lots of trucks; all things gross- and most certainly- all things BOY!!!