Tuesday, July 29, 2008

She's got Rhythm

Kenzie recently started dancing EVERY time she hears music. Adorable. I may be just a bit(a tiny bit) bias, but seriously, it is the cutest thing I have seen in quite sometime! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eight month Birthday

McKenzie is eight months old today! Four more months until we celebrate her first birthday! Time is flying by. I have NO idea how long she is(she's still quite long as we've had to resort to footless jammies and she keeps outgrowing them) or how much she weighs.
In the past month she's learned tons. She's crawling. She's following us around the house like a puppy dog. She's mastered pulling up on EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. She's not very good at cruising quite yet and falls often when she tries. Today Duane and I bought her a Leap Frog activity table from consignment and she tried to unsuccessfully walk around it. Needless to say, she fell.
She's standing(as seen in the above picture) unsupported for about 5-20 seconds at a time(hence the reason I'm "spotting her" ).
She's waving and babbling a ton.
So, Happy 8th month baby girl!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camping- Urban style!

This past weekend we made the 3 hour(It actually took 5 hours with a cranky 7 month old) drive to Bell, Florida for a birthday party. The birthday girl wanted to go camping and invited her attendees to do the same.
I haven't camped since I was a kid with my parents. I surely wasn't going to brave the 90 degree temps with McKenzie in tow. So, we spent the day at the springs and camped in the comfort of my God parents air conditioned home. I know, I know, how "sissy" of me. Well we managed to escape the weekend showered and insect bite free.
McKenzie had a fun time showing off her new skill and I had fun removing the dirt from her hands! She sat in the 72(brr) degree water but freaked when we attempted to actually take her in. I am reminded every day what a blessing she is. She really is a sweet, calm natured, little girl. Maybe when she's a bit older and the weather is a bit cooler, we'll try traditional camping.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Watch out World...

She's on the move! This baby never ceases to amaze me. Two days ago(I repeat, 2 days ago) she learned how to go from belly to sitting and get on her knees and arms together. Today? She's learned to put them together and MOVE! She's crawling! She's slow and wobbly and has to be enticed.. but nonetheless.. The kid is moving! Holy cow! I honestly thought she was going to skip this milestone!

She's also got a bit of a shiner from pulling up and falling on our entertainment center! Yay, McKenzie!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

This girl loves to eat..

We've been trying all sorts of new food for McKenzie. Favorites are: baby goldfish, Cheerios's, puffs, Little Crunchies, canned organic salt-free peas and pieces of soft fruits(peaches, pears 1/2ed blueberries). She's mastered her pincer grasp(awhile ago) and she totally digs feeding herself. She much prefers this to us feeding her chunkier things, though if it is from our plate she'll eat it.

She's been spitting out the stage 3 foods, so I think we'll stick with the stage 2's and move onto regular table foods when she's ready. I have NO idea why she won't take the stage 3's when she apparently doesn't have an issue with textures. It's a mystery I am dying to solve.
Anymore fun, healthy finger food suggestions would be appreciated. We're not a fan of hot dogs(for obvious reasons). But we're open to healthy baby-friendly ideas!