Saturday, July 6, 2013

Brenton- You're 33 months old

 Bubby, you're super close to turning 3. I'll have to stop calling you 'the baby' and start referring you as the big boy you are. Although, by doing so, I'll also have to admit that my sweet little "baby" is no longer a baby and a fiercely independent toddler with the whole world ahead of him.

You're learning lots in the last three months: You're counting to 5(and up to 13 if we count double numbers, or missed numbers!) you're singing your ABC's(often leaving off letters!), you know all your colors, some shapes, some letters, and learning to peddle your tricycle.

You try super hard to keep up with your sister. If she dances, you dance. If she sings, you sing. If she climbs, you try to climb higher. You used to be super cautious in the pool. You'd often hang out on the stairs, dipping your head in sporadically, and watching the world around you. Now, you nearly cannonball over and over again- giggling when your face surfaces.
 You're curious and adventurous Mischievous and sweet. You seriously have no fears. Except, well, sleeping in your own bed. Your bedtime routine is quite frankly a nightmare. Every. Single. Night. You scream the second you realize it is bedtime and continue screaming until you eventually become too tired to fight it anymore. I've never been the CIO(cry it out) type of parent, but you honestly leave us with no options. Your pediatrician recommended this method and it breaks my heart to listen to you; however, if you could meet us half-way we'd appreciate it. And after all of that you ALWAYS wake up. ALWAYS. And often migrate to our room anyway. It's exhausting. I'm tired. You're tired. Lets focus on this over the next three-months, Mmm kay?
 You started a new school. Kenzie will go her for Kindergarten and you'll start the K2 program. You seem to be adjusting well. You're actually talking to these teachers which is something you opted not to do for the vast majority of the time at your old school. I hope you continue to grow and thrive there.
You have one of those magnetic personalities that everyone is drawn to. You receive compliments every day not just about your outer cuteness(which is obviously insanely cute!), but your inner cuteness, too. You're showing a lot of empathy. You're constantly kissing our boo-boo's, asking for love, or smooching my face over and over again. It melts me.

You're also still spirited. You're fiercely stubborn and independent and you do not like having your plans thrown slightly off track. No to you means try again a different way. We're working on assisting you on making the right choices and if you'd throw us a bone in this area, too, we'd appreciate it!

We have our ups and our downs. Our hugs and our temper fits. But, little boy, deep down.. We wouldn't change a thing about you(except, maybe, that lack of sleep thing!). We love you for you. We love your wildness, your spunkiness, your sweetness, and the way you love back. You're simply amazing. A beautiful little boy, ready to take flight and we're ready to watch you do so.

We love you to the moon and back,