Thursday, November 26, 2009

McKenzie: You're two years old!!

Two-years ago you came screaming into our lives. From the moment we heard those first cries we realized how blessed we were. You have restored our hope, our faith, and taught us more about life than your two-year old brain can even comprehend.

You're feisty, stubborn, and beautiful. You're the reason I wake up every morning. The reason I bring myself into a job that I don't particularly love. You're the reason for every life decision Daddy and I make. Over the last few months you've grown leaps and bounds. Learned more things that my mind can fathom. You're able to sing your ABC's up to G. You often stop at the H to sing, "Happy, Happy, Happy!" You make us, Happy, happy, happy! You're talking a TON. New words come daily now. You're favorite word is Candy. Daddy and I often laugh when you say, Cannny! It's super cute.

You're potty-training and doing better than I could have expected. You're almost completely trained at home and we're working on taking you out without accidents. You love wearing your Elmo panties and one of your first "real" sentences was, "I peeped on Elmo!" Elmo doesn't appreciate you soaking him, but we all found it pretty hysterical.

You've perfected the two-year old temper fit. You know what you want and how it's supposed to happen. If it doesn't, you protest. It often reminds me of something straight out of the exorcist, but we try to remain optimistic that this is your way of spreading your wings. You're probably the most independent child I have ever seen. This is a GOOD trait and I find my self reminding myself that God's grace is sufficient.

You're still OBSESSED with Yo Gabba Gabba. You also LOVE Elmo. You ask for them all the time. You're not particularly impressed with Sesame Street in general, but your eyes LIGHT up when Elmo appears. I'll never understand how this little red creature with a lisp attracts toddlers so much, but he does.
You sing, "Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle and Freeze" about a hundred times a day. There is something about that cast of characters that enthrals you. I have to admit, I find it oddly entertaining.

You're still hanging onto your paci. Despite what the world might say about you being too old for it, we're not ready to let this go quite yet. This is one of those shocker Mom moments for me. I'd never assume that I would have a two-year old with a pacifier. But something about that thing manages to calm you in your fits and helps you peacefully slip into a slumber.
You love it.

I still cannot believe I am here. Two years later. My life has changed SO drastically from where we were before your arrival. I cannot imagine life without your sweet soul in it. For every hard, trying, moment I try to remind myself of that.
I love you. More than I can even wrap my mind around. You test our patience daily, but without that you wouldn't be you. The world is your palette sweet girl. Paint your dreams and never let anyone tell you to change. As adults we often try to adapt to what others find "typical." There is nothing typical about you. You're perfection. You're my Sun on a rainy day. I am blessed to be able to call you my daughter. Happy, Happy, Birthday Sweet Girl.
Love you to the Moon and Back,

Monday, November 23, 2009


Kenzie singing her ABC's up to G. :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just keep walking, Lady!

We took Kenzie to have her two year old photos done this evening. They came out great and my wallet can contest to that! Anyhow, my sister came an hour later while we were viewing ours to have her family portraits done(those came out great,too)!

Kenzie had enough. She had NO nap today(though she did wake late) and started throwing a HUGE fit inside the photo studio. I walked her outside, tried timeout, and NOTHING was working. I took her outside, but realized it was a smoke factory out there so I moved back in, in a quiet corner, no stores nearby.
I put her down.. let her have her fit(on the ground, kicking, screaming, etc). Informed her that once she stopped crying we could go back in. JUST as she was at the end of her fit, this old woman with a toddler in the stroller rolls by. Loudly she says, "ATTENTION: TEMPER FIT AT WESTSHORE MALL!" What???

She proceeds to talk to my kid, explaining proper behavior, etc. I bit my tongue for a few seconds- and she proclaims.. "You see my Grandson here... He's not even three yet- see how well behaved he is being... Not like you.. You're not a princess.. You're a BAD girl!" That was it... I had it.. Lady- I am already annoyed with how my kid is acting.. and you're the icing on the cake. Sad to say I snapped that she isn't quite two yet- and she is running off of no nap and a long day. I shouldn't have to explain the reasons behind the fit, nor should you feel the need to stop and inform her how nasty she is being! So take your well behaved grandson out and leave me to MY kid. U


Friday, November 13, 2009

Adventures in potty-training

We have successfully potty-trained McKenzie. She has very few accidents now. I think I may venture out in panties tomorrow(with lots of back-ups in our diaper bag)!

If we survive this weekend I'll send her to daycare in panties on Monday.

Wish us luck!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Last night the health care reform bill passed in the senate. Surprise. Please don't speculate that I think our current plain is all roses and daisies; however, it seems a little much for my liking. My friends in Canada and the UK remind me often of waiting MONTHS to see a Primary Care Physician an and that just sucks(for lack of a better term). Government funded abortions make me want to vomit. Do what you need to do, but I don't think my taxes should have to fund your decision.

A friend of mine explained about vaccines being forced upon us. If we opt not to, we don't get coverage?!? Seems a little extreme, eh? I vaccinate McKenzie, but we've delayed several and rejected some.

I am all for some reform. However, I am quite happy investing in our health care and although I'll admit my family has decent coverage and that may make some believe my stance is bias; I also think some folks will take advantage of the situation. Why work for health care when we get it for "free."

I laugh when people refer to it as FREE. Who is it free for? Those who don't work, but can. Those who opt out of health care, but CAN get it. Remember folks, we have always had Medicare for our elderly, Medicaid for our children and poor. So who exactly benefits from this?

Enough political talk.

McKenzie has been running around stark naked today. She has successfully peed on the potty 4 times. Woo Hoo. The last time I assumed she didn't have to go(we sung wheels on the bus until my voice hurt). She went into the living room, sat her naked bum on my couch, and her eyes lit up. She RAN to the bathroom- insisted I sing AGAIN- and poof... PEE!! We hugged, kissed, kissed some more per her request, wiped a few hundred times- and flushed and waved bye bye to her Pee Pee. She then was rewarded with 2 M&M's.

Maybe, just maybe, she's getting the concept. The last potty session reminded me of that since she independently RAN back in there. Who knew going potty would involve such a song and dance(literally)!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday parties and Halloween!

Kenzie had a great time at her friends 2nd birthday. Soon her time will come. 25 days and counting.... She especially enjoyed the sandbox. She had sand in places, sand shouldn't occupy.

No fear at all with the bounce house. Loves it.

What nearly tw0-year old doesn't enjoy a cupcake?

Hayden as some random Star Wars guy. No idea which one as they're not on my top list of movies...

My sister as Marlyn Monroe

Me as a chubby 8o's concert girl. Still trying to brush out the tangles.

Bumblee bees all around!