Thursday, November 27, 2008

McKenzie: You're one year old!!

Yesterday you turned one year old. We celebrated the day by having your First Birthday photos taken and we squeezed in your Christmas photos with your cousins, too. We went out to lunch and dinner and you enjoyed some chicken nuggets. You've decided that you don't like when Mommy cuts them and you insist that I give them to you whole so you can bite off chunks like a big girl.

I've enjoyed watching you blossom from a tiny newborn into a face paced, rambunctious toddler. You're personality is shining and those closest to you quickly have learned how stubborn you already are.

You're running circles around us! You're Enjoying pointing to characters in your books at bedtime. Your vocab is increasing and even the photo people heard you VERY clearly say "Ball!" You've learned to hit, which for the record, Mommy and Daddy strongly discourage. You never, ever, sit still unless you're asleep. You drink all your drinks from big girl cups and you're trying VERY hard to learn to use utensils when you eat. You're attached to a silky blanket and that darn pacifier.

Today, 365 days since you came screaming into our lives,I am so proud to be your mother. It's been a face paced, emotionally filled, wild ride. I wouldn't change anything about you. From the moment I was discovered I was pregnant with you I knew you'd bring a very special dynamic into our family. I just never imagined the magnitude of love EVERYONE has for you.

You complete us as a family. You've helped fill a pieces of a broken heart that was left when your sister left us for Heaven. You've been a constant reminder of God's promises and grace to us. You've impacted our lives more than you can even imagine. I love you. Daddy loves you. Thank you for the best year of our lives.

Love always,


Monday, November 24, 2008

Pre-Birthday celebrations!

McKenzie's party is this Saturday. My sister couldn't make it because she's going out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday. So, we had a mini-party at her house to celebrate Kenzie's and Kali's birthdays. Kali will be on the cruise when she turns the big 13!

Needless to say, Kenzie is practically an expert at the whole eating sweets thing. She quickly caught on to how tasty the cupcake was and decided to hold and bite chunks as it is the fastest was to consume these goodies.
I cannot wait to see her with her little smash cake at her real party! Bring on the mess!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Putting baby to bed- Daddy style.

Duane bathed Kenzie tonight per my request. We've recently ditched the bottle so we added a snack with some milk pre-bed to fill her tummy up. After her snack it is her bath time, book time, bedtime.

Duane came down after doing the three steps and a few minutes later Kenzie is screaming. Why you ask?


1). She was wearing a long-sleeved(non-bed I might add) t-shirt that totally exposes her belly. It came from the give away basket as it is size 3-6 months.

2). She still had her toothbrush in her hand(at least he brushed her teeth)from her bath.

3). Her paci was on our bed. This alone was probably the main reason for her melt down(I know she should be weaned from the paci, but baby steps people!)

4). Her book and alligator xylophone(which was still in the box as it is one of her birthday gifts) was in the crib with her.

5).Our lights were on and the TV was blaring. I wonder why she confused what time it was?!

Needless to say: I turned the lights off, and the TV down. I removed the toothbrush from her hands and the boxed xylophone from her crib. I handed her the beloved paci and off to dream land she went. I left the undersized shirt on for some late night giggles.

I often wonder if he does these sorts of things so I won't call on his services again?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Prayers answered and some Random thoughts for the day.

Oh, where should I start?

My father was released from the hospital on Wednesday! His tumor was removed and the pathologist said it was localized. Great news! It was quite large(the size of a baseball). His surgical site was infected so they re-opened it and he was sent home with a doodad that drains it to help it close independently. I was fortunate enough(note the sarcasm) to see the wound OPEN when I went to pick him up. The nurse was getting ready to re-attach the doodad and had left the room. Fun stuff. He has a home health nurse that changes the bandage and watches for infection three days a week. Other than that, he's back to being in great health!

We're in the process of weaning little miss from the bottle. She's currently down to just one bottle a day of formula(we have a can of Enfamil left, we're cheap, it's expensive- so we're not wasting it. Ha). I've started giving her a bottle about an hour from bedtime so she learns to stop associating the bottle with bed. Tonight we read, "Good night Moon" Really is a classic, great book! She did well with night one. I hadn't suspected it would be an issue as we've never allowed the bottle in her crib. We do the bottle in our bed and when she's done she hits the sack. So, the bottle WILL be gone before her first birthday at the end of the month. Yay, us!

I still a bit shell shocked that I am weeks away from being the mother of a toddler. I mean, she does toddler stuff now- I should have been a bit more prepared for it. Oh, well. Here we come!

*note- Doodad must be a real word, because the spell checker didn't correct me*

Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Halloween

As told in pictures!
With her cousins

Ready to go

Eating at church

I got this, Mom!