Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brenton: You're 10 months old.

Happy 10th month, little guy. Hard to believe that you've left the single digits behind. In 2 short months we'll be celebrating your first year. What a fun 10 months it has been. You're still super passive. You don't complain much. Which is nice because your sister is far from passive. I imagine over the next few months you'll learn how to protest, too. I am holding onto your sweetness a bit longer.

In your ninth month you've learned to cruise and cruise fast along the furniture. You're walking well holding onto walking toys and even venturing into taking random, independent steps. You're growing far too fast for me. You've grown another tooth(now 3) and another is on the verge of popping through. You haven't batted an eye during teething. You still do not sleep through the night except for sporadic occurrences. Please make this your next milestone. Thanks. You love food. ALL food. You'll yell, pound your fist, and shake your head "no", if someone eats anything in front of you.

You're saying Dada, Baba, Nana, Papa. All of these are just random baby babble, of course. In case you missed the word that is missing, I'll spell it out for you. M.A.M.A! Throw me some love soon, Okay? You only say Mama when you cry. It sounds like Maaaaaaaaaa! It's funny how you're already manipulating!

You simply amaze me. Motherhood makes me strive to be a better person every single day. And I thank you and your sister for that. As adults we often forget how to look at the world without prejudice and you remind me to do that, even if it's just every once in a while. My biggest wish for you is you never forget that the world is mostly kind. That everyone deserves love. And to love. Love God, Yourself, and the strangers along the way.

I love you to the moon and back,