Sunday, June 2, 2013

McKenzie- You're five and one-half years old!

Happy half-birthday, sweet girl. I'm a week late writing and I have no other excuse except that life got in the way. You've had a busy 6-months. You've definitely left any hints of 'babyhood' in the dust and ready to show the world what a beautiful, intelligent, little girl you've become.

Yesterday, you graduated pre-school. I was tearing up as I watched you walk down that aisle in your little cap and gown. You've learned so much this year and it really astonishes me how quickly you pick up things. You have an amazing zest for learning and I really, really, hope you keep it for a long, long, time.

You're counting to one-hundred plus(you can do it by tens, fives, twenties, and single numbers).You can add and subtract.  You're reading short books and sounding out just about EVERY word you see. You can write your entire name(first, middle, and last) and our entire family's name, your friends names, and random peoples names. Did I mention you're obsessed with learning? You can tell time(both on digital and non-digital clocks). You can tie your shoes(and have mastered doing this the RIGHT way just this week!)

Your teachers are constantly telling us  how smart you are. I've obviously always been bias and knew you were a smart little girl, but having your teachers tell me makes me swell with pride.
 You are still obsessed with babies. You got a new baby for graduation and you've been so mothering to her. You have been heard praying to God that he will make me pregnant so you can have a new sibling(a girl you've named Mia). You're always wanting to go see new babies, watch babies on TV, read about babies, and just learn everything there is to know about being a mother. One day you'll make an amazing mother and I cannot wait to see that milestone in your life, too.
 You've had a lot of injuries in the last 6-months. Slow em' down before the doctors assume I am beating you, okay? You crushed your fingers in the sliding glass door and they look like something out of a horror flick. But, you've managed to be incredibly brave at multiple doctors offices. You've battled a few rounds of strep, an ear infection, and a tummy bug. Daddy and I are hoping the next six-months is sickness and injury free. Promise?

You have an understanding of things far beyond your years. You're incredibly empathic. You're so afraid of telling a lie that you get yourself upset when an event doesn't happen the way you've told your friends. You assume that you've lied to them- but you have not. You love people blindly. Daddy and I have focused really, really, hard on this characteristic and watching you do it is probably one of the most proudest moments as your mother.

In a few months you'll start Kindergarten. I know that day will be very emotional for me. You're so ready in every aspect, but that really makes it official that you're growing up. You're growing way too fast and I am trying to savor each and every moment. I know that I'll close my eyes and I'll be watching you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. If I hang on a little tight please remember that it's because as beautiful as it is to watch you grow and learn, it is still hard for me to let you go.

You're feisty, stubborn, and sweet. You're intelligent, beautiful, and brave. The sky really is the limit for you and I am ready to watch you soar. Take flight sweet girl. The world is ready for you. Continue  to love blindly, have a deep sense of faith, and I know that you'll do great in whatever dream may lie inside.

We love you to the moon and back,