Monday, July 27, 2009

2nd Doctor Visit

As most of you know Kenzie has been running sporadic fevers for three-weeks now. This is the 2nd visit to this pedi, but the first time we've seen him in over a year. We switched to my favorite pedi when K was 6 months old; however, he doesn't accept her current insurance so we switched back to the pedi we used previous.

What a nightmare! I had a mandatory training at 10 AM so I had to go into work. However, they didn't have a spot with the actual doctor for the afternoon so I went early and rearranged my training for 1PM. Her appointment was at 10:20AM. We didn't even get back there until 11:15AM. She HATES the scale and I asked if we could wait until after the appointment and they huffed and puffed- whatever, weigh her, listen to her scream!

He listened to her- checked her ears- told me her ears were NEVER infected(DUH) and I should discontinue the antibiotic she's been on. He commented on her inner ear being waxy and removed it with some tool that ended up scraping the inside of her ear and she bled, screamed, ect. I felt horrible. He must have made the "dirty ear" comment 10 times before I told him my last pedi told me to only clean the surface of the ear as ears clean themselves and by me doing it I was causing her infections- I was shoving the wax further rather than doing any good. He finally shut-up.

He then went the UTI route. They taped some baggie to her girly parts and needless to say the adhesive got stuck on the inside of her(TMI) and when she finally pee'd and they had to RIP it off her- he made a comment about "Aren't you dramatic!" Hello? Let me rip tape off your crotch, Jerk! Surprise- NO UTI. But the most hysterical part is she wouldn't pee on comand. He kept saying, "Go pee-pee" and she was prompt to shake her head no at him. That's my girl. So he stated he couldn't wait for the sample and for us to wait the HOUR while he went to LUNCH! What?!

All of that and he thinks she's too active to be sick. And never had a positive reading for a fever in office(Hello, I told you they're sporadic and she had Motrin this morning)! And bring her back if it comes back! Yah, right! Not happening! Ahh, and I said so can she go to school? His response, "No!" What? I thought she wasn't sick? Am I suppose to keep her home for a decade?

Annoying! New pedi hunt until open enrollment and I can switch to the more pricey insurance that covers our favorite pedi! What a Jerk

!I never did get back to work as I didn't leave there until well after 2PM! And...He did manage to lecture me about her having a paci? Hmm? Her ear is bleeding from you; you've ripped tape from her crotch, layed all 300 pounds of yourself on her to hold her still, and you have the audacity to tell me about a pacifier?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Topicless post

Yep, you hear that correctly, topicless. Is that even a word? Probably not!
Little Miss is still running random, high, fevers. So, taking a half-day tomorrow to take her back to her pediatrician. Demanding to see the actual doctor and making them do blood work(this may require multiple people to hold her down as she bucks like a bronco)! We're on week three of these fevers.
Duane still feels horrible. His meds don't seem to be affecting his sinus pressure and they should be for the price we were charged for them. Got to love my house right about now!
Kenzie asked to go "pooooop" today. Climbed onto the big toilet and went. I was shocked to say the least. She completed her duty by trying to plug the toilet with ten-pounds of toilet paper and clapping for herself in excitement. Too bad her goofy daycare wants to wait until they move her to the two-year old room. Let's get moving, people! I am ready for panties!
Yesterday was our Anniversary. Four whole years! Dinner at the melting pot. Kenz stayed with her Auntie and enjoyed "bumping" on the trampoline. Not a single tear for her Mama. Ahhh!
Work should be exciting tomorrow. Around 300, 000 customers being added to our systems. Woot! Seriously? I cannot wait- sarcastically speaking of course!
Well, that is our weekend in a nutshell! Hope yours was just as exciting!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

For the Grand Parents

Here are Some of McKenzie's words(Including Papa and Nanny.. We're still working on Grandma)!Notice the temper fit at the beginning? Oh, the joys of raising a toddler!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I.Could. Scream.

Ahhhhh! For the last two weeks Kenzie has been the carrier or random, sporadic, fevers- adding a bit of vomit for good measure.

Doctors appointment failed any real results other than the typical, "slightly red ear," AKA: No idea what we're doing so this diagnoses sounds good to us.

Duane has been staying home with her as I am still in my probationary period at work and today he's spiking a 103 fever. Thankfully, Kenzie's seems gone, so off to school she goes. However, lets pray Duane is able to take another day off work to attempt to re cooperate his self.

Oi. I am tired. Praying I don't get this funk as I cannot stay home and I am looking forward to a yummy dinner out on Saturday for our anniversary!

PS: Totally contemplating chopping my locks off this weekend. Hmmm? Should I go there?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back from the land of the cornfields

I took a ton of photos;however, I am too lazy to upload so they can be viewed here.

However, I do have a hysterical video to share of my 16 year old cousin. Freakin' hysterical.