Monday, April 28, 2008

For Papa

McKenzie wanted to show Papa what team she's cheering on this upcoming football season. Of course, she is a tad young to verbalize it, but we all know that she is a true hearted Bucs' fan!! I hear the Vikings are playing the Bucs' this season! Hmm. Wonder if we'll win again like we did two-years ago?

So, Papa, from your sweet grand-daughter, Go Tampa Bay Bucs!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A day at the beach

We went to Fort Destota today to celebrate Zoey's birthday. Kenzie also turned five-months old. Crazy. She also VERY intentionally rolled today. Finally..

Hanging out waiting to hit the waves

Just sitting being cute Let me go, I wanna check this out
OK, this is cold and it sucks!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A party in Heaven

Two years ago I'd enter an operating room and after a botched epidural go to sleep to awake a mom. It was a totally different experience than I had been expecting. But, I was a mom nonetheless.

Zoey would be in the NICU literally fighting for her life. I'd be waiting for the go-ahead to be able to view my first born. Finally, hours after her birth, I'd view this little amazing person that hours before had been a beating heart inside me.

Her hair stuck up crazy. Her face was covered in tubes. She's be going into her first surgery in minutes. They thought she'd die on the table. She proved them wrong. She'd come out of that surgery- and undergo a major heart surgery and a handful of other procedures. She wanted to fight.

7 weeks in the NICU and CVICU she'd come home. They'd given her the boot. It was her turn to come home. Her real home. Everything had been ready for her for months. It sat there. Our chaotic life spending 12/16 hour days at the hospital was ending. Temporarily only as she had a handful more surgeries on her agenda.

She thrived at home. Smiled. Cooed. Even learned to roll over. She fought, showed us love, courage, endurance for just shy of 7 weeks before God finally called her home.

She died. Duane tried relentlessly to save her. Effortless. She was gone. We'd have to learn to live life with vital part of our family missing. Gone.

Her 1st birthday came and went- 1st death anniversary done. And here we are. She'd have been 2. The terrible twos. The sarcastic personalities of a toddler. The cute pigtails and mischievousness. One of my favorite stages. Gone.

Today we celebrate. Not with purchasing the perfect party dress and doing her hair. But to her site to leave flowers and balloons. Tomorrow the family we get together, just as last year, and celebrate a life that is no longer here on Earth but thrives in Heaven. I miss her. With every part of my being. I dread these days now.

So, to Zoey, my first little girl. You've taught me how to really love. How to give myself unselfishly. That love goes far beyond words and really sits in the depth of your soul. You've given us strength, help to rebuild our faith. To you we are grateful and proud. We love you. Happy, happy, birthday. My sweet toddler. Chase the balloons in Heaven, Eat cake with God. Know that we're thinking and loving you here. Until we're a family again..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Size's suck!

See the cute Gymboree shirt she's wearing? Size 0-3 months! See the Old Navy shorts? Size 6-9 months! Hello?? She has some pants that are newborn- and can sport some 9 month dresses. How will I ever be able to organize her sizes and outfits!!

Alicia was right when she pointed it out- Walmart is the worst! They favor the short, fat baby. Target, we love Target! They favor the long baby!

So, clothing manufactures, would it be too much to ask for you to follow the same size guidelines so I don't box a shirt that could fit because the vast majority of that same size doesn't!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A New meaning to

Sleeping like a baby?I'll stick to sleeping like an adult
I flipped her back to her back after the photo opt- and let me tell you she was not pleased and quickly put herself back into this same awkward position.

Great Inventions

This mesh contraption is perfect for paranoid parents like me. I can give Kenzie chunks of healthy foods-frozen or not- and she can chomp away without the fear of her choking. She absolutely loved it. She growled when we tried to take it away! I think this thing will do some major damage control come teething time(which should be soon since she's showing EVERY sign in the book)!

Excuse my niece asking which medicine I need!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Best Friends

McKenzie loves, loves, loves Bayleigh. She watches her every move and will laugh hysterically if Bayleigh shows her the slightest bit of attention. Rarely, does Bayleigh show her attention. She's good to give a few licks in her face and come and find me as soon as Kenzie whines. If Kenzie is really screaming- Bayleigh is typically howling. I keep hoping that the more interactive McKenzie becomes, Bayleigh will acknowledge her existence. For now, it remains one sided.

For the photo opportunity I used a cookie and Bayleigh quickly ended the friendship after the last crumb on the sheets. Poor McKenzie hasn't a clue that her "friend" is only her friend for free food. The moral of the story?Even at four-months old you can have one sided friends!

Parenting Pet Peeves..

I was "tagged" on myspace to list mine so here they are! Oddly enough, I only have 5.

Propping the bottle: I have NEVER propped McKenzie's bottle. She's too busy looking around for it to sit still anyway. Admittedly, I understand that sometimes this must be done, sporadically only of course. But, a constant thing really bothers me. Is it that much of a task to pick your baby up and feed them? Seriously, I have seen bottles(The Podee) that encourages us to be lazy, bottle-propping parents!

Smoking: I cannot tell you how many times I have seen Mom's and Dad's chiefing away with the windows UP in their four-door sedan! Hello! Surely, your little one enjoys their lungs and would love to be able to breathe!

Endless threats: One of the worst for me(maybe it's because of my field of choice before being a Mommy) is hearing a Mom or Dad threatened this or that to the kid. Over and over. With no actual follow through! Hello, you're teaching your kid that all you're doing is running your mouth and there is no real consequence! If you say you're going to do it. Do it! follow through, people!

Just being disgusting: Ever pull into the super market to see a nasty dirty diaper laying next to your car door! Yuck! Seriously, how hard is it to walk it to the trash can. I bought one of those portable bag systems for when you're out and about so you can seal off the nasty diapers in a scented bag until you're able to throw it away. Even if you don't purchase that mechanism- why the heck would you toss your trash in a parking lot?

Baby talk: I definitely soften my voice when I talk to McKenzie. However, I attempt to pronounce all words correctly. I cannot stand when I hear parents talk to their kids(babies and toddlers) in a language only the doting parent understands. You're really setting your little one up for some serious speech issues!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My day with Daddy

First he Called Grandma and Papa to brag all about me!Then it was time for lunch.. Mmm Sweet Potatoes!

Then I washed it all down using my big girl cup

Next: Sams club for some shopping

Finally, we relaxed in the pool..

I sure do love my Daddy!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

In a second..she's grown..

Kenzie on day 2 Kenzie today

Someone want to tell me how this happened? Why does time have to go by so fast? I really thought experienced mom's were over exaggerating when they said they grow in the blink of an eye. But, now I know, they do.
We're so blessed to have her here. She's living, breathing proof of God's beautiful grace. She reminds us of his love for us and how he never breaks promises. I vividly remember my constant worries while she was in my belly: She doesn't move enough, she isn't growing enough, they'll surely find something wrong. But here she is- a happy, vivacious, smart, nearly five month old.
She makes us miss her sister that much more- knowing that we'll never experience these beautiful things with her. It really is bittersweet. But, I can picture her sister- smiling from the Heavens, dancing with Jesus in the sunlight for her beautiful little sister.
Not one single second we take for granted.
We're hooked. In love with this perfect little princess.

Calling all experienced bloggers

How in the Heavens do you add your "frequently visited websites list?" And, some of you have mentioned having trackers to be able to see whom is visiting.. How do I add that, too? Surely, there is a way to make my blog as fancy as yours, eh?

Ooh, and another thing. When y'all have hyperlinks in your blogs how do you make it so the whole link doesn't appear and just what you want it to say, huh, huh??

OK, I've annoyed you enough!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Hey, didn't she read the baby book?

I am on a posting frenzy today, huh!
Today, Kenzie mastered the un-assisted sit. She's four and a half months old. Typical age for this feat? 6 months. She can sit, scoot, blow raspberries, mimic mommy screeching. But, she does not roll. She has a few times- but I am not completely convinced those weren't flukes. She tries VERY hard to roll from back to belly. So much arching of her back she actually scoots for inches on end. Until she gets frustrated and screams. Apparently, she missed that section in the "What to expect the first year book."
Here's our big girl sitting on our bed

Just because I have the cutest baby to grace this Earth

I entered my little gem in a photo contest. Could you all be so kind and vote for our princess?

They'll send you an email and you'll have to copy and paste the link provided to ensure your vote counts! I believe it is only one vote per email address. Thanks!!

Tell me how cute is that photo with Daddy's legs.. I am smitten!

A for effort

Kenzie has decided laying still is for "babies" and it is much cooler to scoot(she makes it way further scooting on her back than belly).

Here she is determined and trying...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I challenge you my friends...

Ever notice how the vast majority of my blogs start with a cute new picture of my little beauty? Not that I am even a smudge bias! But, she's only has partially do with my request!

I was at a baby shower yesterday. I got slews of new advice from experienced Mom's- As most of you know, Kenzie struggles with a very sensitive belly. She's on some pretty expensive formula and I was explaining this to a "Mom" who inquired.

She suggested, I kid you not, Pet's milk with Karo syrup. She called this the old fashioned formula. But, what she really meant was formula lacking nutritional value that will be sure to rot your child's teeth within the first year. I was a tad confused about her suggestion so I asked my own experienced Mom. She said NO they did NOT use this concoction for us- and Pets milk(my blonde self presumed it was for pets..a big duh on my part I will admit) is the name brand for milk used in baking. That made it that much worse for me.

So, if you thought that was the only weird parenting advice I got. You'd be wrong. Someone asked if I was feeding McKenzie solids. I said that she had just started on some stage one veggies- and she HATED fruits(we've tried most now). She looked at me like I had 12 heads, and told me I was too "by the book." Apparently, her sweet little grandson- has been devouring baby food mush since he was 12 days old!! 12 days! As in..12 days! My jaw about hit the ground.

So, after my wacky adventure. I am curious. What is the best and worse parenting advice you've ever been graced with.. Comment people(and those lurking, I see you.. comment!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Miss us?

Recent photo of Kenzie Bug
I go through spurts where I forget my password and I have to go dig and find it.

We've moved. We're currently hanging at my sisters attempting to find the perfect dream house! We found a government program for home buyers that gives $20-60,000 towards a down payment. The amount you get depends on your income. We qualify for the twenty-thousand dollar down payment! The catch is you cannot sell the home for 5 years and if you do you have to pay it back. Apparently, this new idea will help boost our economy!

Kenzie is doing great. Learning new stuff every day. She scoots off her floor mats- she likes to scoot in her bassinet and shove her face into it's wall! Hello- you need to breathe baby! I move her, she does it again. I think she's really trying to turn my hair grey! She's recently found her toes- but doesn't pay much attention to them unless she's being changed. She's screeching on the TOP of her LUNGS. Oh, joy for this milestone! She sits perfectly assisted(with the use of her boppy) can sit independently for 10-15 seconds- and can tripod for a few minutes at a a time. She also CAN hold her head steady and high when on her belly(as seen in above photo) though most days she decides it is much easier to lay and scream for me to pick her up. She did sho w off her ability for her pedi when I voiced my concern. She's not the lug that I brought home anymore. She doesn't lay still for a second when she's awake. She tries to pull herself into a sitting position when I try to hold her like my little cuddle baby! Slowwwwwwwwwwww down Kenzie!

Her dedication went well- but they accidentally forgot to add sound to her slide- so it played without her song. But, everyone was quite fond of her cute pictures.

She's on a new formula that's hypoallergenic. She still not eating a lot- but enough for her since she's obviously growing. She goes for her well baby today so we'll know just about how much. Two weeks ago she was sick and she weighed in at fourteen and a half pounds! She's eating solids in the evening now- one whole container of organic Gerber. Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, and Peas are a favorite. NOT a fan of Pears, or Green Beans. We'll try again soon.