Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shhh don't tell Duane

Duane never reads our blog. I am not even certain that he has the web address. I just couldn't not share any longer. A friend of mine suggested this idea and she even did the work using her photo shop program for Duane's Father's day gift. I ordered an 8x10 print from Shutterfly and we'll frame it, too. It was just the cutest idea ever. Thanks, Amy, for letting me steal your creativity! So, I bought the letters at Michael's and headed to Saw grass lake to take the shots! I think they came out fantastic! Her eating the last letter is just so stinkin' sweet!

I don't know who will like it more, Me or Duane! Ha!!

So, enjoy a sneak peek and shhh, don't tell Duane!

Three things Meme(second attempt)

Yikes! I tried this before by copy and pasting from Alicia's blog(still haven't a clue how to add the cute little hyperlinks) and the baby got fussy and I logged off. I come back to find it published on my blog but with Alicia's answers. Whew, talk about plagiarism! So, one more time- Here we go!

3 Places I Go All the Time-
The grocery store(way too much for any person in Duane's opinion)
My Mama's
3 People Who Email Me
My Mother
Weight Watchers online
3 Favorite Places I Like to Eat-
I second Alicia's respect for Subway. Healthy and tasty is a rare find these days
Outback- Mmm, love some steak!
Cha Cha Coconuts
3 Places I would rather be right now-
On vacation with Duane and McKenzie
Shopping at my favorite store with no spending limit
Visiting all my Family and Friends who live far, far away!
3 Projects I would like to get started-
Learn how to take really awesome photos and learn to edit them, too(think Duane would go for a new pricey, fancy camera for me to learn my new task on?)
Like to continue on my new get skinny project
Like to take some random college class to make me feel smart!
3 People who might do this-
Not too many friends on the blogging front so...I'll give you two!
3 TV Shows I could watch over and over
Special victims unit from Law and Order( I get all kinds of excited when USA does some random holiday marathon!)
John and Kate plus 8 is pretty entertaining, too
reality shows

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

At least the Dog is entertained

We bought Kenzie this nifty new toy. She's not in the least thrilled by it- probably because she cannot grab the ball fast enough and she ends up throwing a fit and getting overly frustrated at her lack of speed. Bayleigh on the other hand. Loves it.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Half way to one!

Holy cow, McKenzie is six-months old today! How can six-months have just slipped by so fast? My how she's changed! We went to on a long walk to the nature park and to the beach and here are some photos!
Happy 1/2 birthday, McKenzie Faith!
Driving to the park
Eating her 6!
Still eating
I'm so strong!

Some one please slap me. In a few months I'll be planning a first birthday- and it's all fast sailing from there, folks. From 1st birthdays to 1st proms! Man, someone have a pause button?

Saturday, May 17, 2008


We had McKenzie's photos taken. I think they turned out perfectly. Cannot believe she's closing in on 1/2 a year in 10 days! Crazy!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Stealing Internet

We're moved in. Our Internet is coming to us on Monday. But, not only that, but phone and cable, too! Thank God. I am going a tad stir crazy while Kenzie naps and my cell bill I am sure will be astronomical!

Lots going on around here. Duane is still taking the home buyers class every Tuesday and Thursday- not too much longer and we can start searching for a home of our own!

McKenzie has finally learned to roll. Both ways, too. Literally over night she went from no interest to pro. Rolling over and over. She's mellowed off on practicing but I still catch her doing it from time to time.

She's also getting much better sitting. She can sit for a long time if nothing is distracting her- but if she gets too excited(legs start kicking, arms start wailing) down she goes. We've been doing a lot of practicing with her playing with toys and sitting-because this too causes one to go TIMBER! Hard to believe by the end of the month she'll be a half year old. Gosh, she's learned so much! She has two bottom teeth(though two weeks in and they're only 1/2 way out)!

All and all we're pretty happy. McKenzie is napping in her pack and play and not the swing anymore. Big accomplishment people. She's sleeping in her own crib(another big one)!

Bye for now!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Moving. Again.

Yes, you read that right. We're moving again. The movers will be here any second. I'll be MIA from the Internet front until the 18th when we get our Internet, cable, and phone package!

Be sure to post picture of your new rental as soon as we're able to get online.

On a side note: Kenzie has finally mastered the back to belly roll and insist on doing this all day long!

Ciao for now!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Got Poop?

Kenzie does!! You must have remembered the constipation chats? Poor baby, has a constant running blog about her bowel movements!

It started around three-months. Nothing new really started except the pedi recommended putting cereal in her bottles to avoid the reflux symptoms. Then the solid foods started around four-months and the constipation continued.

For about 5 days, McKenzie has had nothing but her formula(and lots of it, as she's never full feeling since she is used to eating 4 jars of solids). Her poop? Normal! So, apparently, it is just her body getting used to solids. Maybe formed poops are her things on food? I guess it is pretty normal- I just totally did not expect it and it took me for a loop!

I think I'll add some water to her diet to avoid this when we start back in a few days. We do not give foods that constipate as it is: Bananas, rice, applesauce. So, hopefully, this is a thing of the past. Thank gosh it isn't her formula.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What is it with Daddy?

McKenzie is very fascinated by her Daddy .As soon as she hears his voice she just about breaks her neck to find him and then grins from ear to ear. Even at 5 this morning when she awoke to eat- She was just fascinated by the way he SLEEPS! Uhmm, Baby, what about Mama. Ya know the one who drags her half-awake self out of bed to feed you! I have to admit it does really melt my heart to watch them bond!

On a totally unrelated topic. Kenzie is sick. Her first real sickness(she had some unexplained fever about a month ago- but that was the only real symptom). She has a bad cold and a cough that sounds like a barking seal. Poor baby! Her doctors speculated that she has croup- even though she never even listened to her chest! She remains in great spirits as usual! Just our happy-go-lucky baby girl!