Saturday, February 13, 2010


I often find myself not posting because I don't have much to talk about. Kenzie recently removed half of my keys off my keyboard while I was in the bathroom. Can we say destructive. My mother reminds me that she is my punishment for putting her through toddler hell back in the 80's. It's been over twenty years and she still remembers! Maybe I'll remember to remind Kenzie how she deflated every last ounce of energy I had on a daily basis. She is the craziest kid I know; but she is also incredibly sweet. She's a BRIGHT kid. She studies everything and tries her hardest to figure the logistics of everything. She's a 30 year old in a two-year old body.

We're still mastering potty-training. She's trained at home(with VERY few accidents) and at daycare- but still isn't in full-time panties yet. Probably because when she's too busy to go, she goes in her britches and tells us seconds later that she's gone. She's pretty cute about the whole thing, "Oh, no... I pee pee in my panties! I go in the potty! Not my undies!"

I got a new fancy camera for my birthday. It's awesome! It's quite complicated and pretty pricey, but I am hoping to master this hobby shortly. Thankfully, I have a cute model- even if she is only partially cooperative.

Work has been physically and mentally exhausting lately. Hoping to take a vacation week shortly. I keep trying to remind myself that being employed in this crummy economy is Godsend.

All and all- we're doing great! Hope everyone enjoys the new pictures!
Lots of love,