Saturday, November 26, 2011

McKenzie: You're 4 years old!

Happy, Happy, birthday my sweet girl. Tonight you went to bed as a beautiful three-year old. Tomorrow you'll wake as an even more beautiful four-year old. It's surreal that you've grown so much and so fast.

As I remember your birth I am often flooded with emotions. When you were born, the second the doctor smiled and informed us that you were healthy, you brought healing. Your Dad and I decided to get pregnant with you. We put all our hope and love into the fact that you'd be born "perfect" and healthy. And you were. Oh, how we rejoiced. We finally had a baby God was going to allow us to raise and keep. You gave us our hope back. And for the past four years we've watched you develop into a vibrant, vivacious, beautifully curious, cautious, little girl. It's been a wild ride and we wouldn't change a single thing!

This year the biggest change for you was I quit my job(again) and decided to stay at home with you and your brother. This brought a mix of emotions for me as I worried about having you leave your friends and not being in a structured school environment. You've done quite well. We anticipate that you'll start part-time pre-school soon. You missed your friends at first, but have made lots and lots of new friends. You're happy and thriving. It's all I could really ask for!

Currently, you're in dance and gymnastics. You puffy heart love both. At first you refused to go into gymnastics so you hadn't been in quite sometime; however, a few weeks ago you decided to give it a second try and you've decided it's not too bad after all. You're VERY shy. In dance when I watch you through the glass, you're dancing away. You look so happy in there. But when the parents come in to watch you and your classmates perform "Dominick the Christmas Donkey" you freeze up. Your thumb goes in your mouth and you do your moves in very slow motion. I keep asking if you still want to be in there and you do. I hope one day you break out of that shy shell- the world has big plans for you and sometimes I feel like you're missing out because you're so, so, cautious.

Cautious is often a good thing. I want you to be cautious when meeting new people and when you're a crazy teen driver. But right now I want you to learn to spread your wings. You have lots of little fears. Rides? You're not a fan. Bugs? No thanks(can't blame you!) Cats and Dogs(you have some your LOVE and some that freak you out!)? My biggest hope for you is that you learn that I'd never suggest you do something that would hurt you. Sometimes when you're sitting on the sidelines, I worry that you're missing out.

You're a born leader. And this trait of yours is going to REALLY pay off in the near future(re:teenage years), but sometimes it is hard for you to understand that not everyone is going to want to do what you want to do. You remind me of me. You're stubborn to the core. I love that about you. And it makes me want to bang my head against a wall some days. Don't change it. Embrace it.

You're quite sweet and empathetic. You love your friends. EVERYDAY you ask to see one friend, or all of them. You're quite social. It's funny how shy you can be one moment and then telling the grocery store clerk ALL of our business the next.

I love watching you and your brothers relationship form more and more everyday. You love him. And he loves you. Sometimes you're annoyed that he NEVER seems to leave your stuff alone, but it's apart of sibling hood my sweet child. I hope you'll grow old and he'll remain your best friend!

You're still super picky. You survive of air most days. We had resorted to paying you to at least try your veggies. And after paying you a quarter to try spinach you replied with, "No, thanks, you can keep your money!" Goof. Try things. Really, most of the stuff we're trying to feed you is quite tasty. I promise.

You LOVE your babies. You rock them, feed them, diaper them. Every night before bed you ask me to swaddle a handful of them and you then lay them in your baby bed. It's really sweet. You're starting to love Barbies, too. You're a total girly girl and I love it. You love to learn. You're constantly trying to write your name. It's a long one so continue to be patient. You love to draw, paint, and color. And I love watching you create; however, I don't love the mess- but since you love it so much we continue to allow you to do it.

Here is your 4th birthday slide!

We love you. Happy, Happy, FOURTH birthday, Kenzie! Remember the sky is your limit. You have so much to offer the World. Dream. Every day. And reach for the stars. I want you to remember to have an open heart and open mind. I want you to love God as much as you do today, forever. Stay humble. Give. Forgive. And love.

We love you to the moon and back,