Monday, December 27, 2010

Out of the mouth of Babes- McKenzie edition-

McKenzie is quite verbal now and we're often caught laughing hysterical with what comes out of her mouth-
* It's my lucky day(In reference to anything out of the ordinary happening)
* You have to share,____(Her way to manipulate you into sharing something she wants)
* You're a good sharer(She succeeded in her manipulation)
* I gotta pee! I can't wet myself!( this cracks me up)
* Mama, You're my best friend(this one melts me)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The many faces of Brenton at 10 weeks old

The I'm loading my diaper face!The I am manipulating you with my smile face!

The Happiest boy in the world face!

The pleased with Mommy's antics face!

The you're not coming close to amusing me face!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis the season

A good friend of mine recently had a blog about favorite, meaningful, ornaments.

This one I actually bought for myself. It has "The Lord is my Shepard" verse written on it. It reminds me of all of my loved ones that have left for Heaven. It's a reminder about how blessed we are each time I see it. We try not to get involved in the commercial reasons behind Christmas. We don't expose McKenzie to Santa and she calls him "Grandpa" every time she sees a Santa in the mall or a decoration. When she is old enough we'll tell her about Saint Nicholas and the true story of him without the whole Fat man forced down a chimney side!

On Christmas eve we read to her the story of Jesus' birth. This ornament symbolizes that- it's so simple, yet so profound that the sweet baby Mary and Joseph are holding would soon become our Savior-
My sister gave this to Duane and I on our first Christmas as a married couple. It's wicked heavy and often breaks branches- but it's our first one given to us together- and it remains on our tree yearly.

Bought this one this year- Our family. Finally complete!

Brenton's baby ornament-(These uploaded in opposite order, grr)!


My dear friend Danielle sent this on Zoey's first Christmas. It was THE only thing given to Zoey that year and it was our hardest Christmas ever as we were without our baby girl and had no other babies. Our house was quiet and calm and dreary. I'll never be able to thank her enough for including Zoey in Christmas that year. It's by far my favorite ornament-

It reads: "Zoey's first Christmas in Heaven 2006"

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just a photo share-

Been really trying to work on this whole photography stuff. Below are some of this weeks results-

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Brenton: You're two-months old today!

Baby boy- time really does fly. I've said that over the last three-years as I watched your sisters infancy rush by me, leaving me in the dust. I guess what I've been praying for is that you'd slow down a bit, let me enjoy the last sounds and smells of a newborn, before you grew right before my very eyes.

No such luck! You're growing at an even faster rate than your sisters and I'm trying to savor your babyhood, day by day, moment by moment if need be.

It's insane the difference one-month makes when you're referring to a baby. You're such a sweet boy. You're no longer fussy(unless it's time to eat) and you're really enjoying the world around you.
I often forget that each time you see something new, it's brand new to you. You've never seen Christmas lights before, so of course it's fascinating to you. You're learning about your new world right before my very eyes and that fascinates me little guy!

You're incredibly strong. You almost never get tummy-time as this could be hazardous to your health(think wild three-year old sister and even wilder dog) and yet you have no issues holding your head high!
You make the sweetest baby sounds and smile ALL the time! You've laughed out loud a few times while awake, but do it all.the.time. in your sleep. It's hysterical! I'd pay good money to know exactly what you're dreaming about.

You love to eat! Every time someone sees you they comment on how much chubbier you are from the last time they saw you. You're sleeping through the night(Thank you!), and eating 5 ounces every 3 hours! You love bath time and if you're fussy this almost instantly calms you. You also have found that it's great fun to suck on your hands! You have some amazing suction power! You love your paci, car rides, and your Sissy! You're an awesome, easy going, calm natured, little guy!
We've nicknamed you Chubba Bubba, Boody(no idea, don't ask), and Bubba! I don't think you'll ever learn your real name as oftne as you're called one of the above names!

In closing- we love you. So, So, much! We never knew we were missing YOU before you. But you are the link that completes our family. We're blessed to be your parents.
Love you to the moon and back,

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Need a reason to smile?

My heart is melting!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A photo says a thousand words, right?

Brenton was less than amused with my posing him for a photo opportunity. He's far less compliant than McKenzie was as his age. I keep insisting that a loud, needy, baby will become a cooperative toddler. Profess it with your mouth and it shall come true, right? I think he's mocking me- "No, Mom, not right. I'll give you a run for you money in my toddler years, too."
Love how his bib states his love and gratefulness to his parents- but his expression and noise clearly states how he really feels: "Please remove this ridiculous get-up and pick me up!"

And with this expression he's clearly stating, "Oh good Gracious, they posed me with her! She's squeezing and I am annoyed! Very annoyed! She doesn't care- she's still snapping photos!"

We had a good Thanksgiving. A lot to be thankful for. The day wasn't overly chaotic, the bird was delicious- and we got some great Black Friday deals. Here comes Christmas!

Friday, November 26, 2010

McKenzie: You're Three years old!

Happy, Happy, Happy, Birthday to my beautiful girl. It's so hard to fathom you being a three-year old. This is probably because I am hanging on tight to the fact that you're still my sweet baby girl. The thing is even when you're thirty, you'll still be my baby girl; I'll still remember the moment we first met and how my heart exploded with emotions. You're blossoming into a little girl right before my very eyes. You're funny and smart and beautiful. These are some great qualities to have, little Miss.

You're still pretty shy around new people and often cling to me even around people you know well. However,once you're comfortable you run off and never look back. Lately, you've been chatting up a storm to complete strangers. You LOVE to talk and even do it when fast asleep.

We had your party this year at an inflatable bounce house place. You LOVED it. You talked about your party with all of your friends for weeks prior. I think you were more excited about seeing your friends than the actual party. You love, love, love, seeing your friends- especially Emerson and Avery. I believe they're your toddler BFF's! You ask to see them at least once a day and most of the time the three of you play pretty well together. It makes my heart expand to watch you develop new relationships. The biggest change in your life since your last letter is you're a big sister! You loveeee Brenton so much- sometimes too much. You cuddle him, kiss him, sing to him, fetch and steal his pacifier, rock him and LOVE on him the vast majority of most days.
You've learned that he can only have milky(after you fed him a goldfish cracker) and with every peep he makes you question if he needs his milk. You're really empathetic to his feelings and needs, or any ones really, and it makes me VERY proud. I look forward to continuing to watch your relationship with Brenton grow and develop.

You know so much already: All of your colors and shapes. You can sing your ABC's, Count past 20, dress and undress yourself. You can open the fridge and get your own snack and drink(if pre-poured of course)- Just to name a few.
You're still opinionated and sassy! You're obsessed with spandex and often wear them under your clothes! We compromise! You LOVE all things girl: Baby dolls, make-up, clothes, shoes, and hair bows! You're 100% a girl and I love it!
You're sleeping in your bed without a fight now and stay in there all night. Thank you!

You've blessed our lives from the moment I learned we were pregnant with you. You radiate this energy than makes everyone who crosses your path smile. We love you more than I can explain into words. You complete me in ways I cannot comprehend.
Love you to the moon and back,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One Month Well Baby

Brenton had his one month appointment today. He's 10 pounds, 4 ounces(up 11 ounces from 5 days ago), 23 inches long, and his head is 15 and a half inches.
Developmentally on track and won't return until 2 months!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Brenton: You're one month old today!

Sweet baby boy, today you turn one month old. It's surreal how fast it's gone by. It's been a whirlwind of emotions with lots of bumps along the way. I promised myself we'd at least attempt to nurse you I never did this with your sisters and I was determined to at least try with you. You loved nursing, but your latch was less than perfect. This resulted in a very sore, exhausted Mommy. You wanted to nurse every ten minutes it seemed like and I threw in the towel. My guilt for giving up so quick still bothers me, but you're quite content and happy with your bottles. You love to eat. And you didn't skip a beat when we transferred you to formula.

You are so, so, different than your sister. You eat well, poop well, sleep well. You're already sleeping four hours at night at a time. You're a pretty laid back little guy and we appreciate that very much.
Speaking of your sister- I promise, one day she'll stop molesting you. I cannot wait until you can tell her to leave you alone for a few minutes. But the truth is she LOVES you. She thinks you're the best thing ever. She kisses you about a billion times a day; she ask you your name(though she knows what it is); and tells you over and over how cute you are and that she loves you. As a Mom, I couldn't really ask for more.
You've really started to notice the world around you in the last few days and even follow our faces when we move from side to side. You've flashed some gummy grins sporadically, though we're not convinced that they're intentional quite yet.
At one month we're not expecting much out of you yet. You eat, sleep, poop and repeat. I am trying to saviour these itty-bitty baby moments because I'll wake up one day and you'll be grown.

Bubby boy you complete our family in ways I didn't dream possible. You've blessed us with your sweet demeanour and adorable chubber cheeks. You've showed us that baby boys are WAY different than baby girls(I must remember to cover you or I will get soaked) and we thank God everyday that you're our son and healthy. My life is complete because you complete it.

We love you to the moon and back-

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween in photos

See these little Cuddle Bugs? McKenzie insisted that Brenton was a cat. She'd go, "You're a cat, Baby, Meow!" I didn't have the heart to tell her that his feet were hat bats on him and this was my generic attempt to keep him a tad bit festive! However, she played the part of pirate quite dramatically! "I'm a pirate! Aaarrrghh Matte!"

I promise there is a baby inside that carrier! A year from now this picture is sure to make me nostalgic! Kenzie was apprehensive going up to strangers at first. Daddy carried her the first two houses and she quickly went from shy to professional trick or treater! Amazing how candy can do that to her!

She did, however, shake at the knees and cry at the sight of these "monsters" that were on stilts. I'd shake, too, if I was two-year's old and seeing a 9-foot tall monster!

All and All we had a successful day. We ended the night at Red Lobster with her MeeMaw and Papa- (*Note- my mother despises being called MeeMaw, so of course, I must encourage it) and she passed out in the car and didn't wake until the next morning!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Throwing in the towel!

I really assumed that I'd struggle with Duane and my choice to make Brenton our last baby. We figured that two at home to raise was a perfect fit for us.

I don't have a ton of patience(shocker, right?) and lets be honest, those first few years is rough!
Up until Brenton my two previous c-sections were ridiculously easy. With Zoey we had to use general anesthesia because we couldn't get the spinal in- but the healing aspect was pretty much painless. McKenzie's incision opened up, but again, painless. The actual surgery was SO easy from start to finish. So easy in fact I didn't know they had started until I heard those first cries!
Brenton's? Whew! The c-section sucked. I felt every sensation, every tug, and had to use IV pain meds in addition to the spinal because one tends to freak out when they know exactly what's going on behind that blue sheet!
I still have an infection in my incision. My nipples are probably scarred for life; they're proof of our desperate attempt to breastfeed and apparently unsuccessfully.
Brenton is 16 days old and still jaundice. Though his levels per a test yesterday is still within the "safe zone!" He's just now back to his birth weight of 8 pounds, 12 ounces. Which makes me again think that his lazy suck and latch is the direct culprit of the never ending jaundice and slow weight gain.
So, with all that craziness, we are SO happy to be DONE! No more babies! We're closing the baby making chapter of our lives to focus on the baby raising chapter!
Two happy progress notes? I am down 20 pounds! Woot! And B's penis has healed perfectly from his circumcision. Hope he doesn't hate me 15 years from now for talking about his little "man part!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Sisters Rock!

Kenzie loves, loves, loves, Brenton. And while her constant kissing, shushing, rocking, touching, prodding, can get annoying- it's absolutely adorable. It melts my heart.She is totally in love with him. I can only pray that their relationship and bond continues to grow as they both grow.

We are truly blessed.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A day of doctor visits-

Brenton had his first pediatrician appointment today. He is only 3 ounces less than his birth weight now. This made my heart smile. He's growing off his Mama's milk. We've really had some rough days wit nursing. I never imagined something so "natural" could be so, so, hard. His latch has improved about 90%, he's going 2 hours between feeds(day and night) and overall is a pretty happy little guy.

Pedi was really pushing the Hepatitis B vaccine. We're opting for a delayed vaccine schedule this time- he'll get fully vaccinated; however, just a bit slower and less vaccines given at each doctor visit. I'm sure the doctor didn't like that choice- but that's life, right?
His circumcision is scheduled for Thursday. As stated previously we couldn't do it at the hospital because I was nursing him and he had to go without food. Thursday is his 8th day of life, which is when it is said to be done per Biblical standards. Duane also read that this is when the blood clots independently.
I made an appointment at my OB office today as well. I had some gunk coming from my c-section incision. Apparently, the wound is trying to re-open on it's own. This happened with McKenzie and I ended up with a silver dollar size hole and had to pack it with gauze to force it to create a scar. I have to go back in a week and if it's STILL leaking then they'll reopen it to allow it to drain and heal. Lovely. Praying to the good Lord above that this will NOT have to happen!
This c/s has been by far the worse. From the start of it(pulling, lots of sensation, a high spinal block) to healing- it has been what MOST people describe c/s to be. However, for me, my other two were SO easy with very little pain. I am still on pain meds and still crying in pain. Ahhhh!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Brenton is 3 and a half days old. He's adjusting well to being at home.

He's eating well, though I am quite sore because of his latch is lazy. This too shall pass.
He's giving me 2-3 hour stretches at night and he's eating every 2 hours during the day.
McKenzie is trying to adjust. She wants to hold, stroke, kiss him ALL day long. She's also refusing Daddy and wants me- which makes things a tad difficult considering her brother is usually attached to me. So we've dealt with a lot of breakdowns for her. I think we've decided that she'll stay in daycare for a few days a week to give us both a nice break!
My friend who is a lactation consultant is coming today to work on getting a wider latch out of him. Hopefully, this will work and he'll stop causing me to curl my toes every time he latches on.
Brenton's first doctors appointment is Monday. Because of a feeding screw up he wasn't circumcised in the hospital, so we'll discuss that with his pedi. IF Duane really wants it done he'll take him to my OB to have it done- if not, we'll leave it alone.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome Brenton Isaac

Brenton was born today, Wednesday, October 6th 2010 @ 3:41 PM. C-Section got off to a late start. Kenzie is in LOVE with him!
He weighs 8 pounds, 12 ounces and is 20 inches long. He's nursing well- though seems to prefer tiny meals every 30 minutes vs a good meal every few hours.
I am tired and overwhelmed. Quite sore this time around, too.... Feeling Oh so blessed.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dentist, Zoo's, and Brother's.... Oh MY!

Wednesday was McKenzie's first dentist appointment. I LOVED the staff. They were super patient- the doctor was VERY friendly and gave us tips and pointers without me prying for it.

I wish I could say Kenzie had just as great of a time. She hated it. She bit him and me while he was looking around. Thankfully, her smile is cavity free and she won't need to go back for 6 months! Hopefully, she'll be over this whole fear of doctors and dentist and nurses and etc, etc, etc, by then! My work has a perk for the month of September- Free Zoo passes for me and a guest all month long! We've been several times. The first time we went it was just her Daddy and I. She begged and pleaded to go on the merry go round and then REFUSED to ride it(see few photos down). So she sat in the handicapped seat. Oi.

The 2nd time we went after her dentist appointment with a few friends and their kiddo's who are McKenzie's age. This time she asked to ride the horsey. Must have been positive peer pressure???
She LOVES the zoo. LOVES to see the monkeys. Refuses to touch the petting zoo animals, but was quite willing to touch a rooster. Uhmm, little girl, he'll take a finger off- the stinky goat wants the food only!

I never realized how wimpy she can be. Rides, characters, animals(other than cats and dogs), strangers, weird environments, and she's on me like glue. Thankfully, she typically warms up in a few minutes. She's quite apprehensive about her environment- it's almost like she has to soak it all in- ensure it's safe- and go for it.
She's the BIGGEST girly girl I have ever seen. She's slept in a tutu for about a week straight now- constantly ask how pretty she looks- and fights over wardrobe changes daily! It's insane!

Her brother is about 25 days away from making his debut. We're ready. I'm ready. She's ready. Though I am nearly positive she doesn't understand the role of big sister as well as she thinks she does.
Here we go! Hold on for a soon to be wild ride!