Sunday, January 17, 2010

A little update(minus pics).

I cannot find my little camera. I think I lost it when we went to the park a few weekends ago. Which means McKenzie hasn't been photographed since- a long time in our world.

She is doing great. She had a few issues at school for biting. It was quite odd as I was ready to yank her out of the school because she was being bit; she decided if she couldn't beat em', why not join em?! She finally(fingers crossed) stopped. Partly because we prayed about it- partly because we showed her biting hurts- partly because we probably just got REALLY lucky.

She is doing REALLY well with potty training. Just today she REALLY started telling me when she had to go(rather than me constantly just taking her). When she goes number 2, she has to yell for EVERYONE that is home to see. She shrieks, claps, and dances- expressing her delight in what she has just done. It's probably the cutest thing ever. I think the attention she gets from it really gets her motivated to TRY to go poop at EVERY potty trip. Whatever works, right?

Duane and I are really, really, close to buying our first home. We're probably about two/three months away from this goal and I am psyched.

Work is chaotic and busy- but I really do like the new position. It's can be quite humbling listening to others hardships. Some of them are REALLY mind blowing.

That's it for now-