Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brenton- You're two years old today!

Happy, Happy, Birthday, Beautiful boy!
 Nearly three years ago when your Daddy and I were deciding if we wanted another baby the fears of pregnancy flooded my mind. I wasn't too sure that I wanted to jump onto the roller coaster of a subsequent pregnancy again. When we finally decided I was over joyed when we became pregnant with you right away. Your pregnancy was filled with some worries in the beginning and shock when we learned you were a boy- but you entered our lives and filled our hearts to depths we didn't even realize were possible.
This year has been a crazy year- from starting school, to a broken head(literally) there has never been a dull moment. Brenton, it has seriously been on of the best years of my life. You're simply amazing in everything you do. You're ridiculously sweet and uber stubborn all at the same time. You're the true definition of boy. You're always bruised somewhere, nearly almost dirty(even after we've just bathed you!) and always, always, looking for trouble! You keep us on our toes every second you're awake.

You've learned so much this year. You're talking a lot, and in short sentences. You know ALL of you body parts and most of your colors. You're counting to three, eating by yourself, and becoming more and more independent. You're also starting to show some interest in going to the potty by yourself. To put it shortly, you're leaving your babyhood behind and jumping into toddler hood faster than I'd like.
You still LOVE your blankey. And you're still not consistently sleeping through the night. Sigh. You're a total cuddle bug and love to cuddle next to me, sniffing your blankey, while I rub your hair. It melts me.
I hope your day was as great for you as it was for me. I love you, Bub. More than words can explain. My heart is finally full and complete with the existence of you. You're beautiful, inside and out. I hope you keep your curious heart for a long time and remember to love God first and everyone you encounter. If you show that even the smallest bit of love that you show me- the world will be blessed beyond reason.
Love you to the moon and back,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why I am voting for the 'other' guy

In 2008 I was back and forth between the two main candidates.  Ultimately, I chose the candidate that lost. If  my voting trends were for a football team, no one in their right mind would place a bet on me. I am 0-3 so far.

I'll admit that I was originally swept up into the 'hope and change' hysteria that flooded our TV waives. I was intrigued by fellow voters crying when the soon to be President spoke. But, when it came down to it I am a bit of an pessimist. I had faith that Obama had the greatest of intentions; however, I didn't believe that his promises would go very far. Mainly, because they were SO optimistic that I couldn't even fathom anyone being able to accomplish them in just four years.

I marched to the voting polls, plugged my vote in for the Republican candidate and watched as swing state, by swing state, disagreed with my pick.

Four years ago our President confidently stated that our deficit would be cut in half. Four years ago our President proudly boasted that unemployment would be decreased to 6%. He promised to reach across the aisle and work on a bipartisan level to make progress in our country.

Four years have come and gone. Our unemployment rate is at 8.1%(September job reports are due tomorrow so this could fair better that the current statistic, or worse)- Our deficit has nearly doubled. And America is left wondering what happened to the 'change' we were promised?!

Four years later our President is telling us it's time to look forward. I beg to question what about backward? Mr. Obama himself noted that IF change wasn't made then this would be a one-term proposition.  But, here we are, left again to assume that our President has the ability to change things for the better or rely on the 'other' guy to step in and give it a go.

I'll admit, I was adamant about two years in that Obama would not have gained my vote in 2012. And this is because I hold people to their words- a lot. Our economy sucks and anyone who could remotely disagree with that fact may want to turn on the television.

I know the left loves to wrongly speculate that Romney is all for the rich. They assume he'll leave our hungry unfed and continue to stuff the wallets of the one-percent. But realistically, I cannot believe that. Mainly, because I have invested the time in understanding his policies(and folks, they're out there for your reading pleasure- so they're not as 'vague' as one would have you believe!).

He's a successful business man. I do not fault him for being wealthy. He's not some money hungry, out of touch, rich man who has zero interest in the well being of Americans. In fact, his taxes(Yes, he pays those!) show that he donates MILLIONS of dollars to both his church and private organizations. Holy, Hell, he must be evil if he actually donates to those non-for-profits!

I agree that taxing corporations leads to the corporations taxing us and that's  not where we need to be. I agree that creating jobs helps the economy flourish. And I agree that we need health care reform. Not a democratic pushed bill that MOST Americans dislike. I actually agreed with Hilary Clinton here. Help the reform, but forcing Americans to participate changes the basis in which we were founded on(freedom!). Americans should have the right to choose the health care that is best for them, not what Uncle Sam tells us to. And I am pro-life. Yes, crazy me. I'm a woman who believes those itty bitty babies should have rights. And I think abortions laws should be much, much, stricter. Currently, only 4 states ban abortions based on gender selection. 4. I don't buy into the "we need abortions because of rape and incest victims. We do. Totally. But I'd suggest that the VAST majority of abortions(over a million a year) are not due to the tragedies mentioned above.

To me the decision is clear. Do we continue down the road where our middle class is being buried which was so wisely quoted by Mr. Biden. Or do we take a chance on the 'other' guy and allow his business expertise to help offer some real 'change' in the upcoming years?!