Monday, September 22, 2008

Feeling sentimental

Then McKenzie is quickly closing in on 10 months(only 4 more days as a 9-month old). I am simply awe struck how much she's changed over the last 9 months.
When we brought her home from the hospital, she was this helpless 7 lb 5ounce newborn. So new and helpless.

Today? Her personality is developing every day. She's really a sweet baby. She kisses everything and everyone without being prompted to do so. She's learning to share and will give a toy to another baby without being told to do so.

She's really understanding what she's being asked to do. For instance, if I point and verbally ask for a toy in her hand- the vast majority of the time she'll give it to me. If I ask, "Where's Daddy?" or "Where's Doggy?" She looks and laughs hysterically when she finds them.
I love how independent she's becoming; however, I love how dependent she is on me. She gives back love with each gesture, each open mouthed, sloppy kiss. She's a constant reminder of God's blessings to Duane and I.

Her eyes light up with every new thing learned. She listens and watches intently when we're trying to teach her a new task.
She's an independent soul. A beautiful, intelligent, baby who is changing into a toddler right before our very eyes.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New ways to drive her Daddy crazy

Screaming. She loves to test those vocal cords! I love to instigate her. Enough said.

The video is especially for Kyra!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catching on quick

Are you sick of seeing videos of each step Kenzie's taking? Ha. I have to share because I am just so proud of her. Plus, it is super cute to see this little nine-month old toddle around my living room!

She still has to figure out how to stand without using something. She's close. Crawling is still her main method of transporation, but she's quite good and FAST at it.

She's also taken a liking to sandwiches. Any kind really. Plain old jelly seems to be a favorite. I buy the low sugar kind without artificial sweetener kind for me and she eats a whole(crust free/ and cut into finger sized bites)sandwich herself. It's making lunch time a bit easier!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Random Ramblings

Which adorable costume do you think Kenzie should be for Halloween? I am digging the elephant right now. I'd add a HUGE pink bow to the head so no one would mistake her for a boy! Help me decide!

Kenzie had her 9 month visit yesterday. Apparently she weighs 19.14lbs and is 31" inches long. I highly doubt she is THAT long. She is long indeed, but 31", come on!

So, I measured her at home 3 times at got 29." Whose right? I think I am. Ha.

Kenzie's "walking" skills have are improving EVERY day.

Here are some more step videos(taken tonight) for those dying to see her go! These entail more than one step!

She was after a measuring tape! LOL! She crawled for a Weight Watcher calculator and she walks for a measuring tape? Do you sense weight issues in her near future? Haha!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

9 month birthday(a bit late)

We're a bit late this month as we were in Oregon for Kenzie's 9th month birthday on August 26th. Hard to believe 3/4th's of her first year has vanished.

Kenzie's personality is blooming right now. She likes to play shy and then flirt with whomever is talking to her.

Her new milestones are taking unassisted steps and standing unassisted for long periods of time. She also can walk with her push toy. She is eating all table foods and chicken and spaghetti prove to be favorites.

She is slowly getting over her stranger anxiety, but very much prefers to be held by Mama or Dada than anyone else.

New words are: Hi and Daddy( I swore I heard her say Mommy, too, but I may be just hopeful) and she is just starting to get the concept of clapping(we're still working on it). We're currently trying to teach her to blow kisses(she gives kisses when prompted to).

9 months sure has flown by!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Let there be steps-

While in Oregon McKenzie got quite good at standing by herself. At the Portland Airport she took her first REAL solid step! It was so cute! Right foot, left foot, wobble- fall. I teared!

She's taking them all the time now when we put her into the stand position. I've been lucky to get one FULL step on camera so far:

So, enjoy!

Granted she's no professional yet. But at just barely 9 months(She celebrated her 9 month birthday at the Oregon Zoo on the 26th) I am quite proud! Enjoy the step and fall.