Tuesday, November 26, 2013

McKenzie- You're SIX years old.

Happy, Happy, sixth birthday, sweet girl. For nearly a month you've been "counting your sleeps" until it was finally your birthday. Well, it is here. And just as I say every year, it is faster than the year before and way faster than I'd like it to come. Sometimes I wish life had a pause button.  
Lots of first this year. You are officially a kindergartener. You adjusted just as I assumed you would. you transitioned into real school life like an old pro. You've met lots of new friends you've learned lots of new things. You can read and spell any word that you can sound out phonetically. You recognize all of your site words, can count to what seems like infinity, you add, subtract, and write with such ease. You've even learned to write in cursive.
You have a zest for learning that I pray you never lose. You love to be the best, do your best, and succeed. Sometimes your need for success becomes nearly obsessive and we have to remind you that everyone has strengths and weaknesses so you don't stress your newly 6 year old body out!
You mastered learning to ride a bike without training wheels. You literally came home from school one day and asked that we remove the them. And two seconds later- you were riding like a pro. It's sort of how you learned to crawl and walk, too. One day no skill. The next day, mastered.
You lost your first tooth back in February. It wasn't an "official" lost tooth as you knocked it on something and it subsequently became loose until it finally fell out. You've been sporting the missing tooth gap ever since. It looks as if your two bottom teeth will fall out soon. They're both super wiggly and you ask almost every day if it is time to pull them out!

 You are still in dance. You've added acro and jazz to your ballet and tap. You love it. And you're picking it up as fast as you seem to pick up everything else. I love, love, love, watching you dance. You're so graceful and beautiful and I hope that you continue to love it as much as you do today.

You also newly joined Girl Scouts. You love meeting new friends, learning how to help other people, and socializing(duh!). You earned your first pin a few weeks ago for memorizing the Girl Scout Promise.

This year we had a bowling party for you. It was the first year we've invited classmates of yours. You were so happy to share your special day with your friends from school. You have such a big heart and you're always worried about how your actions will impact other people. I hope that you never lose that, sweet girl.

You love God. You love to hear about him, learn about him, memorize your Bible verses. It makes my heart happy to see you develop a relationship with something so very important to Daddy and I.

You also love your little brother and your big sister. You're super protective of Brenton and you always pray for Zoey at night. They're both very, very, proud of you and blessed to have you as their sister.

Life was never fully complete until you were born, my girl. From the moment our eyes locked I knew that you were something special. I am simply beyond blessed to be able to call you my baby girl. You've helped heal our hearts, open our  minds, and we cannot wait for you to continue to spread your wings.

The whole world is even more great because God blessed it with you. Remember to continue to love blindly, trust God fully, and always know that Daddy and I will always be in your court, cheering you on.

We're so, so, blessed and proud of you.

Love you to the moon and back,


Six year slide