Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dentist, Zoo's, and Brother's.... Oh MY!

Wednesday was McKenzie's first dentist appointment. I LOVED the staff. They were super patient- the doctor was VERY friendly and gave us tips and pointers without me prying for it.

I wish I could say Kenzie had just as great of a time. She hated it. She bit him and me while he was looking around. Thankfully, her smile is cavity free and she won't need to go back for 6 months! Hopefully, she'll be over this whole fear of doctors and dentist and nurses and etc, etc, etc, by then! My work has a perk for the month of September- Free Zoo passes for me and a guest all month long! We've been several times. The first time we went it was just her Daddy and I. She begged and pleaded to go on the merry go round and then REFUSED to ride it(see few photos down). So she sat in the handicapped seat. Oi.

The 2nd time we went after her dentist appointment with a few friends and their kiddo's who are McKenzie's age. This time she asked to ride the horsey. Must have been positive peer pressure???
She LOVES the zoo. LOVES to see the monkeys. Refuses to touch the petting zoo animals, but was quite willing to touch a rooster. Uhmm, little girl, he'll take a finger off- the stinky goat wants the food only!

I never realized how wimpy she can be. Rides, characters, animals(other than cats and dogs), strangers, weird environments, and she's on me like glue. Thankfully, she typically warms up in a few minutes. She's quite apprehensive about her environment- it's almost like she has to soak it all in- ensure it's safe- and go for it.
She's the BIGGEST girly girl I have ever seen. She's slept in a tutu for about a week straight now- constantly ask how pretty she looks- and fights over wardrobe changes daily! It's insane!

Her brother is about 25 days away from making his debut. We're ready. I'm ready. She's ready. Though I am nearly positive she doesn't understand the role of big sister as well as she thinks she does.
Here we go! Hold on for a soon to be wild ride!