Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Fun

We had a great Christmas. It was perfect; we had lots of food, family and friends, and all and all great times.

Kenzie loved playing Dance, Dance revolution on the Wii. Notice that her "dancer" is in the red, meaning she isn't some dancing prodigy that was capable of keeping up with the arrows. We went out to dinner and it was rather chaotic. A little less than I had expected since she enjoyed her portable DVD player that Duane and I bought for her. It's an awesome toy.
She was REALLY into opening presents this year. It came out of nowhere and she even opened other peoples presents. The child has more new toys than I have room for.

She had a great Christmas eve; She stayed up far too late laughing with family. She proceeded to pass out on our couch after her bath.

It was a great Christmas. I almost forgot how fun Christmas was until you can see in the eyes of your child. So humble and appreciative of every single gift. Hoping everyone was as blessed as us this year.