Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Rambles...

What can I say, it's been an exhausting weekend. I forgot all too quickly how fast working wears one out. Kenzie has been passing out in random places, too. Apparently, she, too, is feeling the affects of this new schedule. She's had a fever off and on all weekend as well- I've had a majorly sore throat for the last two days. Wonderful daycare/work funk. Lovely. She seems to be adjusting to daycare. Each day her progress report reads something positive- except on Friday it read: "More easily upset" But I really think that was from the starts of her not feeling well. She still finds humor in "yelling" at us upon our afternoon arrival. Gee, thanks! What a way to make your parents feel worse, kid!
We did have some sort of good fortune on Saturday.

My right front tire has been going flat slowly. We kept filling it with air, but our "tire pressure low" light came on nonetheless. Thursday I come out of work and my left front tire was to the rim- flat. I tried to move it out of the handicapped spot I had it in when I realized it may be flat- but I saw sparks flying as it was THAT low.Anyway, today we took in to our dealership. Mainly because we needed an oil change and it's covered under a package we bought when we bought our car a few years ago. Well, when we first bought the car we also bought a "roadside hazard" package, too, for the tires. We mentioned it to the dealership and they said the tires were covered since they were leaking air for no reason. So when I drive I am a bit "curb" happy. More than once I'll admit. I was crossing my fingers that they wouldn't notice that I bent the driver side rim- from one of my happy moments. They did, though. I bent BOTH front rims horribly and it was IMPOSSIBLE for the air to stay in the tires. It's an 800 dollar plus job(2 new tires, 2 new rims)- but my dealership wrote: " Driver ran over objects dropped by semi on the interstate" I totally didn't ask them to do that!! Sooo it WAS covered. Sooo for an oil change, 2 tires, 2 rims, a fixed break light that was out.. 21 bucks!! And that was only because I replaced the air filter!! WOoo Hooo! Once less cost for us!

It's been a busy weekend and I am sure an even busier week. Ahh, 3 more weeks and we're in Ohio for vacay! Woot!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

McKenzie: You're 18 months old today.

Oh, little girl. Today you're one and a half years old. Half way until you come roaring into your terrible twos(a tiny secret- you're already practicing)!

You've changed drastically over the last few months. You're taller, heavier, smarter, and a bit more, erhmm, "bratty."

Your vocabulary is exploding daily and you managed to repeat several phrases and sentences over the last few weeks. Your favorite, "give that to me!" You've been a demanding child since utero, and I didn't expect for a second your toddler hood would be any different.

You still love your blankey and pacifier. You MUST have BOTH while having your diaper changed first thing in the morning. Even if you've managed to pee on them during the night you become infuriated at the prospect of me washing it.

You love to chase Bayleigh and offer her your toys to "chew." Bayleigh has destroyed her fair share of your offerings and this upsets you. I wish I was able to rationalize with you a bit more so you'd understand that Bayleigh is a dog and playing gently with your stuff isn't in her nature. So, until then, we'll have to deal with the constant temper fits.
However, your biggest milestone EVER came today, on your 18th month birthday. You went to daycare for the VERY first time. You were hesitant. I was hesitant. Somehow we both survived. With lots and lots of tears in between you survived.
Though you may not understand now, please know that our separation is for you. Everything I do in life is for you. Soon daycare will be the "cool" place to be and Mommy will still be working and attempting to make your life's needs and wants a bit easier on all of us. So, though today my heart broke as I left you crying for me- know that I am always, always, always, here for you. My heart is yours sweet girl.

In closing I cannot believe how much you've changed from the day we first met, 18 months ago. I cannot believe my heart is capable of loving you anymore- but each day I do. You complete our family in a way that I never imagined possible. Through every temper fit, milestone, excitement, and heartbreak- Daddy and I love you that much more. I wish I had the words to explain how much- but words are inadequate my sweet baby girl.
We love you to the moon and back.

Friday, May 22, 2009

18 month stats

Today Kenzie had her 18 month visit.

She's 24lbs, 8 ounces(56%)(lost a bit from last visit- doc said this was normal..) 34 inches(95%) and her melon is 19 inches(89%)

Developmentally she's right on target and she had three shots today including the MMR(we delayed it from 12 months).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sleep or lack thereof.

So McKenzie has forgotten how to do this. For nearly a week she's fighting tooth and nail to lay in her crib and drift off into a peaceful slumber.

I try to remind her that sleep is needed not only for her health, but her Mother's sanity. I need her to sleep.

I attempt several times and she screams, "Mama.. Mommy... Mama!" How can I not get her.

Up until this week she napped easily after lunch and went to bed around 8PM without waking. Now she wakes like a newborn, fights bedtime until well past 9 PM and her naps are later and later, too.

Phase? I sure hope so!

I think she's on to me

See that face? A depressed toddler. I think she understands that in a few short days she'll be left in a daycare while her mother attempts to earn a living to be able to continue to dress her ridiculously cute.

My Mommy guilt is REALLY eating at me. I mean seriously.. in a few weeks daycare will be the NEW cool thing to do for her, but until then I am sure I'll have to pry her off my legs and leave her crying at the door for me. (Note: If she leaves happily, this will be comforting to me- so if my ridiculously cute kid happens to also be a prodigy and is reading this- please, please, go happily).

I've never, ever, left her for this long. Ever. I know lame, right. I do really enjoy being around her the vast majority of the time. Despite the fact that she is suffering from Toddler Syndrome and fusses, whines, and throws-fits for most of her wake time.

In a few short days her little world is going to change drastically. She'll no longer nap in her crib during the week. Instead she'll nap on a mat(best of luck to her teacher)! No more highchairs, but toddler sized chairs and tables(Again, good luck)! Healthy, hot lunches- most of which she'll surely turn her little picky stubborn nose up to at first. They even suggest we use the sippy's they provide since they cannot wash hers in the room. So, her straw cups are left for home only.
Ahhhh. I am assuming I'll go to my first day of work with black streaks from my mascara. The joys of motherhood. Working motherhood.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Personality in photos




Ahhh, toddler hood. It's almost like raising Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde. Her little personality is flip-flopping worse than a politician. I presume the teenage years will be so much worse. I can hardly wait.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Daycare bound

What a day!

We first viewed the Kindercare daycare. They were about 60 dollars more than the average day care a week in our area.

I was expecting to be JUST as impressed with the programs, class-rooms, etc, that I was with their website and the program directors. She implied that it was this beautifully organized, creative learning plan. It was pretty "typical."

So I headed to another daycare that I thought I LOVED. Bounce houses, slides(in the classroom), ball pits. Loads of fun. I left assuming this would be her daycare; however, I had this unsettling feeling afterward. So after googling the daycare it had 0 good reports and a lot of the reports were left about exactly what I was uneasy about.

The room was HUGE and they had about 25 toddlers in the room with a few teachers. ALL the teachers were teenagers(18, 19ish) and my heart left me with thinking they'd be doing what teenagers did and my kid(and many others) would be playing alone...

So after a few more duds we found our PERFECT center. Price is a bit above average for the area(but still quite less than the first center) but the teachers were "mature" and VERY interactive with McKenzie and their own students. I'd show the website but it list the address so that's a no go. ;) I love, love, love it. I love how they opt to use positive reinforcement to timeouts. She'll have 3 healthy snacks a day there and 1 hot lunch(better than her cold sandwiches here)! One of my favorite parts? It's at a Church(though not affiliated with that particular church) and they teach a non-demoniacal Christian curriculum. So, lots of blessings before meals, songs about Jesus, etc. Yay.

Now we pray that McKenzie adjust well.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lazy days

Wouldn't it be nice to sleep ALL day while nosey neighbors snap photos?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Still doubt the power of prayer?

On Tuesday I prayed like I've never prayed before about gaining financial security. On Wednesday A job I applied for in March called me out of the blue to interview. Thursday I interviewed and today I got the call that I was hired for the position at significantly MORE money than we originally anticipated.

I start May 26th. Please pray we can find a perfect daycare for McKenzie and she transgresses well into it. It's a nerve wracking concept. My sweet little baby is going to daycare.

Ironically I booked a ticket to visit family in Ohio in late June through early July. I mentioned this paid for trip after I was offered the position and was told it would NOT be a problem!

And if that wasn't enough for the doubtful minds- today I get a letter from a loss recovery company. Apparently, the state owes me money from an old electric bill deposit. Sweet. I'll take "free" money. Reminds me of the NBC show, "You might be rich!"

Now time to shop for some closed toe shoes for school for Kenzie and some work appropriate clothes for me!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Ramblings

Yesterday McKenzie woke earlier than normal and within an hour of being up started screaming and shoving her finger in her ear. She was arching and screaming so loud and nothing I did consoled her.
I decided to take her to the ER(her doctor is closed on Saturday) and she had a severe infection. Oddly enough we were in and out in less than an hour. I speculate that her screeching and screaming caused them to hustle a bit more. They put numbing drops in her ears and she nearly instantly stopped crying got down and explored the exam room. She's on antibiotics for ten days. Thankfully she loves the taste this time and I won't have to pry her mouth open like I had to do a few months ago.
Last night we took my Mom out for Mother's day dinner at the Cheesecake factory and brought Kenzie with us. She was ridiculously well behaved considering we waited over an hour to be seated. She loved the Mac and Cheese and this was the first restaurant that I have noticed didn't have a children's menu.
At home McKenzie said her first sentence. She's been practicing with combining words for a few days: "Hi(insert name)!" and "What's that" but last night she very clearly said, "Give that to me!" and has said it several times since. She also has been VERY strongly attempting to snort like a pig. However, she just breathes very heavy and it's quite entertaining. She woofs like a dog now, too.
Mother's day today and Duane let me sleep in until nearly 10AM. What a treat! Kenzie feels 100% better and life is good again today.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's like Barney on Acid

Kenzie has never paid much attention to the television. The real world is much more important. However, Duane showed her this show. Yo Gabba Gabba gets her attention and she follows the simple direction of the show. I, however, really believe the producers are on Day 1 of a REALLY bad acid trip.

The show changes a scene every millisecond. We DVR it and she watches it in the evening with Daddy. It's their "bonding" time together.

*I added a better link. Apparently, I should watch the YouTube videos before I post. The original post(hence the warnings) had been modified and some freaky stuff added to it. I assure you this is NOT in the regular show. It's freaky enough by itself.