Monday, June 6, 2011

McKenzie: You're three and a half years old.

Oh, baby girl! I cannot believe you're half-way to four already. So much so that I am a week late in writing this. It probably has something to do with the fact that I am in denial.

You're still very much in love with all things GIRL. You love, love, puffy heart love, your baby dolls. You steal Brenton's diapers so you can diaper your babies. You rock them, sing to them, and act like their mother. Recently, you asked for a new "real" baby. Sorry, kid, this factory is closed. You're probably the pickiest eater I have ever seen. You hate most meats(minus chicken and ground beef) veggies are a foreign object, and you turn your nose to nearly everything I cook. I still place the meal on your plate and encourage you to try it. You'll respond quite quickly with, "Sorry, Mama, I am just not hungry!"
You're slowly outgrowing your shyness. You still take a bit to take in your surroundings, but you will eventually let go and explore. You're a cautious soul and I like that about you. You love being around people. You're quite social for being "shy."
Speaking of cautious: You're afraid of lots and lots of things. Remember me saying you loved all things GIRL? Well, you're taking this to a whole new level. Bugs? Freak you out. Fast rides? Uhmm, no thanks. Heights? You'd rather not. You have many, many, fears. Most of them are pretty unrealistic, but I realize that this is just you so we're taking it with strides. You overcame your fears of fast rides for a split moment and rode a tiger ride at the zoo with a friend a few weeks ago. You were SO excited to get on and ride. Well, I stood there nearly in tears watching you come around. You were quite obviously terrified. And the goofy ride raced around 3 more times before I was finally able to rescue you. You'll probably never ask to go on that ride again. And while I laugh now, I felt so, so, bad for you.
You're leaving your toddler hood behind and turning into a beautiful little girl. You still have more sass and energy than I can handle most days. But I love you for it. Sometimes I think you're more like 3 going on 30, than just 3 and a half. You have an answer for everything. You're an independent soul. And I love every bit of this wild ride that is you.
Sometimes in life people expect you to adapt to what they assume is the norm. I don't want that from you. I want you to embrace the world and be you. Anyone who doesn't see the beauty that is you isn't worth changing for.

I love you to the moon and back,


Brenton: You're 8 months old today!

Sweet chubby bubby. You're 8 months old today. I sound like a broken record, but I cannot believe how fast you're growing and changing. You've learned lots of new tricks this month!
You've started sleeping in your crib. Daddy and I took down the pack and play and went in full swing with this new step. However, you only last until for a few hours and then you beg, plead, cry(read:cry), to come back in our room. Since you're so cute and I am not one to let you cry it out, you often end back in our bed.

We just got your sister back out of our bed a few months ago. It's almost like we've replaced her body in my bed with yours. Every night we try to keep you in there and one day, Sir, you'll have to learn that your bed is WAY nicer than mine! Until then I'll continue to enjoy the late night snuggles.
A few weeks ago you learned to go from your belly to sitting. A few days later(on the exact same age, to the day as your sister), you learned to move your little arms and knees and crawl. Today? You're everywhere! And into everything. Cords, your favorite. Shelves, yep, destroy them. I forgot how insane it was to have a VERY curious, mobile baby. But, I love watching you discover new things.

You've been trying to pull yourself to a stand, too. You can get yourself about half-way up before you give up and become frustrated. But while you are discovering the world on your hands and knees, can you please take a second to slow down. I'd like to savior your baby moments just a little while longer.

We've moved you out of your bucket car seat and into your "big boy" seat. You're a hefty 21+ pound baby and carrying you was more than I could handle. You love sitting in your new seat and it fits you pretty well. You especially love riding in carts, being carried by me in your carrier, and "people watching." You must be one of the most nosiest babies I know. Wonder where you got that from?

You're eating tons of table food now. Pieces of banana's and steamed peas are a favorite. You love feeding yourself. It makes Daddy and I a bit nervous as you totally chipmunk cheek everything. I assume you think the food will go away faster than you can shove it in your face. No one is going to steal your food, sweet boy.

You're babbling up a storm. I hope this isn't a sign into another toddler that NEVER stops talking. You're favorite "word" is Dada. I haven't heard Mama yet and if you love me, even a little bit, please humor me and say it. Thanks.

I cannot believe you're already 8 months old. It simply amazes me how fast your infancy is flying by. You remain to be the most laid back, sweet baby. And I love it. I love you more and more everyday. Every part of you makes me value life more. You're my sweet, chubby, baby boy. And I heart you.

Love you to the Moon and back,