Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter is almost here

We don't do the Easter Bunny either, folks. Don't worry, though, Ms. McKenzie still gets a basket- but from her parents not the fictitious character the secular world has made up.

Now we decide what to put into the basket. Obviously she has MORE than enough energy without the addition to sugar- so we're not giving any candy in her basket. Though we may give miniature marshmallows as she loves them!

I found a book about the story of Easter and it's a pop-up board book- and it's perfect. We'll most likely get her a new plate/bowl/spoon set. Hmmm? Any more ideas for a 16-month old?

And since no blog is complete without photos....

Last Year
This Year

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Babies, Bunnies, and Words, Oh my!

Who says Daddies are too old to wear PINK bunny ears? Who says Mommies won't post for the whole world to see? Daddy even obliged and posed for the picture after Kenzie strategically placed the ears on his head. Fun times of fathering a girl I suppose. Do you see this photo? Three. I said three car seats in MY four door sedan. And three sleeping babies to boot. They were all pretty exhausted after a day at the Florida Aquarium.
Is it cold where you're at? Shame. Really it is. Our weather is beautiful. Though the months to come will soon turn to miserable. The girls LOVED playing in the fountains at the aquarium. More so than last time when they were barely crawling.

And to end. Kenzie says Baby, Happy, That. I cannot believe she humored me and did it for the camera. She however, refused to show her belly even though this is the ONE body part she gets right 110% of the time! Kids.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

A whole lot of somethings

Ahhh- It's been a busy week.

Where do we start? Hmmm? OK, here it goes. My OB called with our genetic results and our little bub had 46 normal XX chromosomes. She would have been baby girl number 3. Duane's hope for a blue bundle is fading with all this estrogen floating around here.

It's really good news. However, there wasn't enough tissue left to test for CHARGE Syndrome. Zoey had this. It's rare(1 in 10,000 births) and recurrence is even rarer(1% on average). So I feel confident about trying this again.

We're waiting to get more healthy(lose about 20 pounds for me, cut caffeine, heal from the D&C procedure) and then we're going to be on our knees praying to God that he blesses us with another healthy pregnancy and baby. I don't think our hearts can endure anymore heartache.

Kenzie spiked a fever early Thursday morning(of about 103 degrees at first) and it got higher by Friday(104.9 at one point, rectally). We took her to her doctor on Friday and she sent us home with little suggestions since her ears looked perfect and she had no real symptoms. She did give us her personal cell phone number, though.

Her fever broke yesterday. Finally. And soon after she broke out in a rash all over her trunk and a bit on her face. I called the doctor and was told that she is relieved to tell me that McKenzie had Roseola. She's no longer contagious and her rash should fade over the next few days. Fun.

Kenzie has been pretty cute through her illness. Each time we ask her "Where's so and so's belly?"- she MUST rip so and so's shirt up enough to expose the belly button to point to it. Simply adorable and a tad inapppropriate.

She's also doing quite well with a spoon, fork, spork. We'll end with a video-

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Girls just wanna TALK!

McKenzie is becoming quite the little chatterbox! She's very expressive and like most girls LOVES to speak with her hands.

We're in for it it when the 'Japanese' turns to English! What is really a riot is when in between the blabbering you hear some real words. That kids wheels are a turning'- that's for sure!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Pentecostal

Kenzie learned a new word in the church daycare- 'Jesus' pronounced 'geesus'So I've heard about a trillion times, "Hi, Jesus" or "Oh, Jesus!"

She even has been calling on her Father to help her climb things with "Up Jesus!"

I had my follow-up appt with my OB( and she is sitting in her stroller with a cookie(so she wouldn't have a total meltdown) and the doctor tells her how cute she is and she replies- "Oh, Jesus!"

My doctor cracked up- as did I.