Tuesday, November 26, 2013

McKenzie- You're SIX years old.

Happy, Happy, sixth birthday, sweet girl. For nearly a month you've been "counting your sleeps" until it was finally your birthday. Well, it is here. And just as I say every year, it is faster than the year before and way faster than I'd like it to come. Sometimes I wish life had a pause button.  
Lots of first this year. You are officially a kindergartener. You adjusted just as I assumed you would. you transitioned into real school life like an old pro. You've met lots of new friends you've learned lots of new things. You can read and spell any word that you can sound out phonetically. You recognize all of your site words, can count to what seems like infinity, you add, subtract, and write with such ease. You've even learned to write in cursive.
You have a zest for learning that I pray you never lose. You love to be the best, do your best, and succeed. Sometimes your need for success becomes nearly obsessive and we have to remind you that everyone has strengths and weaknesses so you don't stress your newly 6 year old body out!
You mastered learning to ride a bike without training wheels. You literally came home from school one day and asked that we remove the them. And two seconds later- you were riding like a pro. It's sort of how you learned to crawl and walk, too. One day no skill. The next day, mastered.
You lost your first tooth back in February. It wasn't an "official" lost tooth as you knocked it on something and it subsequently became loose until it finally fell out. You've been sporting the missing tooth gap ever since. It looks as if your two bottom teeth will fall out soon. They're both super wiggly and you ask almost every day if it is time to pull them out!

 You are still in dance. You've added acro and jazz to your ballet and tap. You love it. And you're picking it up as fast as you seem to pick up everything else. I love, love, love, watching you dance. You're so graceful and beautiful and I hope that you continue to love it as much as you do today.

You also newly joined Girl Scouts. You love meeting new friends, learning how to help other people, and socializing(duh!). You earned your first pin a few weeks ago for memorizing the Girl Scout Promise.

This year we had a bowling party for you. It was the first year we've invited classmates of yours. You were so happy to share your special day with your friends from school. You have such a big heart and you're always worried about how your actions will impact other people. I hope that you never lose that, sweet girl.

You love God. You love to hear about him, learn about him, memorize your Bible verses. It makes my heart happy to see you develop a relationship with something so very important to Daddy and I.

You also love your little brother and your big sister. You're super protective of Brenton and you always pray for Zoey at night. They're both very, very, proud of you and blessed to have you as their sister.

Life was never fully complete until you were born, my girl. From the moment our eyes locked I knew that you were something special. I am simply beyond blessed to be able to call you my baby girl. You've helped heal our hearts, open our  minds, and we cannot wait for you to continue to spread your wings.

The whole world is even more great because God blessed it with you. Remember to continue to love blindly, trust God fully, and always know that Daddy and I will always be in your court, cheering you on.

We're so, so, blessed and proud of you.

Love you to the moon and back,


Six year slide

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bubble Guppies Birthday party; Brenton turns 3.

Today we celebrated Brenton turning 3. His most favorite show EVER is the Bubble Guppies. Apparently, the retail folks haven't caught on that this show is uber cute and you cannot buy Bubble Guppies party supplies. So, we got creative!
 Showing off his shirt- from Etsy.

 Cake was from a local bakery. Tasted as awesome as it looked!
 Banner from Etsy
 Fish Bowl Jell-O.
 The spread
 Cucumbers, colored cream cheese, Goldfish crackers

 Picture makes it look cluttered. But it was really cute in person!
Party favors. Fish crayons. Also from Etsy.

 Bounce House fun!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Brenton: You're three years old!

Happy, Happy, 3rd birthday(tomorrow) my perfect little man. I simply cannot wrap my mind around how fast my babies continue to grow; however, I'm soaking up each passing day of your childhood as I know all too soon you'll move out, spread your wings, and the house that was once filled with screaming voices and chaos will become eerily quiet.

You've learned a ton the last 3 months. You  talk, a lot, a lot, a lot. Anyone who said girls talk a lot has never parented a boy. That is all.  Just this week you wrote your name, independently, for the first time. You're singing your ABC's, counting to 15, and thriving in pre-school. You're at a new school and hopefully it'll be the same school you start kindergarten at.

You're pretty independent. You like to do everything by yourself. You're empathetic in ways I didn't realize were possible for a two-year old. If you accidently hurt me, or anyone, you quickly apologize and "kiss" it.

You're still sleeping in our bed. You've been paci free for nearly 6-months(which coincides with how long you've been in our bed!). You've been potty trained for what seems like forever, but realistically is about 9 months. You're even fully night trained for the last 6 months or so.

You are obsessed(read: OBSESSED) with the Bubble Guppies. It is your birthday party theme this year. You're quite excited for your party, "It's my happy birthday to me"! You also favor Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Diego, and Dora. You've went from zero interest in TV, to LOVING it seemingly overnight.

You love your trucks, getting dirty, and finding mischief. You're ornery, stubborn, and ridiculous charming. You can do the naughtiest thing and one look with your half-crooked smile and I forget and am warped into your spell all over again.

You love your sissy. You drive her crazy(and the feeling is often mutual!). But you always, always, look for her, look out for her, share with her, and love her. I hope your relationship is always as strong for years to come.
You are a Momma's boy. I puffy heart love it. There is a bond between mom's and sons that only mothers with sons understand. You simply melt me. Complete me. enthrall me. I cannot even fully put into words how much I love you. I can honestly be thinking of you and burst into tears at how undeniably perfect you are.  You are my heart. When McKenzie was born, our hearts were repaired from our lost of Zoey. And we thought that she was all we would ever need. And then you came. Crashing into  our lives. Filling it with so much love and joy that we never even knew we needed. And now, we cannot imagine it without you. You, my sweet boy, fully, unequivocally, complete our family.

There isn't a single thing I'd change about you. Okay, well, maybe we'd like you a tad less stubborn(just a smidge really!). But, in all seriousness, your stubbornness, your naughtiness, your sweetness, your zest for life, and love of people, is why we're so ridiculously obsessed with you. You are beautiful, from the inside out.

Always hold God in your heart, your family in there, too, and I am sure you'll continue to be a perfect blessing to anyone lucky enough to love you.

I love you to the moon and back,

Birthday Slide

Thursday, August 15, 2013

And so it begins...

My sweet, beautiful, intelligent, little girl embarked on a BIG milestone this week. On Monday, she started Kindergarten. I cannot believe how fast she is growing. She has had a great week, met lots of new friends, and is looking forward to a year of learning and growing.
Love her!
 Brenton started K2 at the same school!

 She didn't even pretend to not be excited!
 Her teacher, Mrs. Hughes!
 Day 2- knee socks! Melt!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Brenton- You're 33 months old

 Bubby, you're super close to turning 3. I'll have to stop calling you 'the baby' and start referring you as the big boy you are. Although, by doing so, I'll also have to admit that my sweet little "baby" is no longer a baby and a fiercely independent toddler with the whole world ahead of him.

You're learning lots in the last three months: You're counting to 5(and up to 13 if we count double numbers, or missed numbers!) you're singing your ABC's(often leaving off letters!), you know all your colors, some shapes, some letters, and learning to peddle your tricycle.

You try super hard to keep up with your sister. If she dances, you dance. If she sings, you sing. If she climbs, you try to climb higher. You used to be super cautious in the pool. You'd often hang out on the stairs, dipping your head in sporadically, and watching the world around you. Now, you nearly cannonball over and over again- giggling when your face surfaces.
 You're curious and adventurous Mischievous and sweet. You seriously have no fears. Except, well, sleeping in your own bed. Your bedtime routine is quite frankly a nightmare. Every. Single. Night. You scream the second you realize it is bedtime and continue screaming until you eventually become too tired to fight it anymore. I've never been the CIO(cry it out) type of parent, but you honestly leave us with no options. Your pediatrician recommended this method and it breaks my heart to listen to you; however, if you could meet us half-way we'd appreciate it. And after all of that you ALWAYS wake up. ALWAYS. And often migrate to our room anyway. It's exhausting. I'm tired. You're tired. Lets focus on this over the next three-months, Mmm kay?
 You started a new school. Kenzie will go her for Kindergarten and you'll start the K2 program. You seem to be adjusting well. You're actually talking to these teachers which is something you opted not to do for the vast majority of the time at your old school. I hope you continue to grow and thrive there.
You have one of those magnetic personalities that everyone is drawn to. You receive compliments every day not just about your outer cuteness(which is obviously insanely cute!), but your inner cuteness, too. You're showing a lot of empathy. You're constantly kissing our boo-boo's, asking for love, or smooching my face over and over again. It melts me.

You're also still spirited. You're fiercely stubborn and independent and you do not like having your plans thrown slightly off track. No to you means try again a different way. We're working on assisting you on making the right choices and if you'd throw us a bone in this area, too, we'd appreciate it!

We have our ups and our downs. Our hugs and our temper fits. But, little boy, deep down.. We wouldn't change a thing about you(except, maybe, that lack of sleep thing!). We love you for you. We love your wildness, your spunkiness, your sweetness, and the way you love back. You're simply amazing. A beautiful little boy, ready to take flight and we're ready to watch you do so.

We love you to the moon and back,


Sunday, June 2, 2013

McKenzie- You're five and one-half years old!

Happy half-birthday, sweet girl. I'm a week late writing and I have no other excuse except that life got in the way. You've had a busy 6-months. You've definitely left any hints of 'babyhood' in the dust and ready to show the world what a beautiful, intelligent, little girl you've become.

Yesterday, you graduated pre-school. I was tearing up as I watched you walk down that aisle in your little cap and gown. You've learned so much this year and it really astonishes me how quickly you pick up things. You have an amazing zest for learning and I really, really, hope you keep it for a long, long, time.

You're counting to one-hundred plus(you can do it by tens, fives, twenties, and single numbers).You can add and subtract.  You're reading short books and sounding out just about EVERY word you see. You can write your entire name(first, middle, and last) and our entire family's name, your friends names, and random peoples names. Did I mention you're obsessed with learning? You can tell time(both on digital and non-digital clocks). You can tie your shoes(and have mastered doing this the RIGHT way just this week!)

Your teachers are constantly telling us  how smart you are. I've obviously always been bias and knew you were a smart little girl, but having your teachers tell me makes me swell with pride.
 You are still obsessed with babies. You got a new baby for graduation and you've been so mothering to her. You have been heard praying to God that he will make me pregnant so you can have a new sibling(a girl you've named Mia). You're always wanting to go see new babies, watch babies on TV, read about babies, and just learn everything there is to know about being a mother. One day you'll make an amazing mother and I cannot wait to see that milestone in your life, too.
 You've had a lot of injuries in the last 6-months. Slow em' down before the doctors assume I am beating you, okay? You crushed your fingers in the sliding glass door and they look like something out of a horror flick. But, you've managed to be incredibly brave at multiple doctors offices. You've battled a few rounds of strep, an ear infection, and a tummy bug. Daddy and I are hoping the next six-months is sickness and injury free. Promise?

You have an understanding of things far beyond your years. You're incredibly empathic. You're so afraid of telling a lie that you get yourself upset when an event doesn't happen the way you've told your friends. You assume that you've lied to them- but you have not. You love people blindly. Daddy and I have focused really, really, hard on this characteristic and watching you do it is probably one of the most proudest moments as your mother.

In a few months you'll start Kindergarten. I know that day will be very emotional for me. You're so ready in every aspect, but that really makes it official that you're growing up. You're growing way too fast and I am trying to savor each and every moment. I know that I'll close my eyes and I'll be watching you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. If I hang on a little tight please remember that it's because as beautiful as it is to watch you grow and learn, it is still hard for me to let you go.

You're feisty, stubborn, and sweet. You're intelligent, beautiful, and brave. The sky really is the limit for you and I am ready to watch you soar. Take flight sweet girl. The world is ready for you. Continue  to love blindly, have a deep sense of faith, and I know that you'll do great in whatever dream may lie inside.

We love you to the moon and back,


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy 7th birthday in Heaven, Zoey!

Tomorrow you turn seven. I cannot believe it. Happy, Happy, Birthday beautiful, sweet, girl!
 Today, I really didn't think I'd have the energy to write anything. Honestly, I've caught myself in tears a few times today thinking about you and the day you came into our lives. It's bittersweet. It's the best day ever. We were finally parents. And the worst news ever. You were born with a broken heart. And subsequently hearing that news broke our hearts.

I could write about what you should be doing. I could write about the things we're missing out on. But, today isn't about any of that. Today is celebrating your life, no matter how short. And we loved every second of it. We loved  the challenges, the victories, the experience. The truth is, no matter how hard the outcome would be, we wouldn't change a single thing. God made you the way you were for a reason. I obviously don't understand the reasoning, but I am grateful for the ride.

I am blessed to be your mother. I am blessed to have  had the opportunity to sing to you, smell you, cuddle you, learn from you, and most of all, love you. You're amazing. You're never, ever, not on my mind. My heart was broken the day you flew home. It's still broken. But my heart is filled with love and pride and  that supersedes the heartache.

So, tomorrow, celebrate. Celebrate turning 7. Celebrate impacting so many peoples lives. Celebrate being born. Being loved. Being remembered(every second of every day). And remember I will always be your advocate, your voice, and your mommy.

Enjoy your cake with Jesus,

Love you to the moon and back,


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Brenton- You're two and a half years old!

Happy half-birthday little man. It’s hard to believe that you’ve somehow grown quicker and faster than your sister. But, here we are, half way through your second year and you’ve surely managed to keep us on our toes.

You’ve had a lot of milestones in the last six months. You’re totally potty trained. I would even venture to say that you’re night trained as well, but since you still insist on waking in the middle of the night(yawn!), we’re not quite ready to put you in undies in the off chance that you decide to pee on our bed while you’re fast asleep.
You’re talking a ton. You’re combining words and forming 3, and 4, and 5, word sentences. You’re being stubborn about showing off your speaking abilities at school which is ridiculously frustrating, but I’ve learned over the last two-years that you do things when you want to do them and not a second before.
You know your colors, some of your shapes, some of your letters(which baffles me!), and some numbers. You’re counting to 5 and quickly show of this skill when we’re counting down to your naughtiness, I’ll say ONE and you’ll quickly respond with an ornery smile, “TWO FREE”

You idolize your sister and you also terrorize her. You seem to want to do everything she is doing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bit too little to accomplish those feats, you’re going to try, and then become frustrated when it doesn’t work out the way you planned. 
You love your kitchen, your trucks, and playing(slamming down like a pro wrestler) your sisters babies. You love to feed our dog, ride our dog, and cuddle our dog. She’s your best friend, I think. However, I am not quite sure that Bayleigh reciprocates that love.
You are by far the most stubborn kid I know. You are not fazed by the word no. You don’t bat an eye lash when you know you’re in  trouble. And even after you get in trouble for some wildly eccentric action you’ve just accomplished, it doesn’t seem to stop you from doing it over and over again. You have a “my way or the highway” sort of attitude. You, like your sister, are a born leader. Frustrating when I sometimes( a lot of times) need you to cooperate, but all and all a great quality as you mature. But, sometimes, boy, I wish you’d throw me a bone. It is exhausting. Mentally and physically exhausting. To say you keep us on our toes is a vast understatement.
You have a sweet quality to you, too. You’re helpful, kind, and huggable. You want all of us to cheer you on as you face obstacles in your little two-year old life. You are my cuddler. And often want to be cuddled when you’ve been naughty. Or scared. Or, well, for any reason really. There is a reason they say, “mama’s boy” because you surely know how to go right into my heart  and make me swoon over you.
You’re simply amazing, my sweet boy. Beautiful inside and out.  People gravitate towards you wherever we go, commenting on not only your outer cuteness, but your fun personality. When I learned I was having a baby boy I honestly didn’t know how to raise one after two little girls, but I cannot imagine you not in our lives. It’s like you’ve always been there.
We love you sweet, beautiful, B.
Love you to the moon and back,