Sunday, June 28, 2009

House full of sickies..

Kenzie and I are both sporting nasty colds. Hopefully, she is on the mend. Friday was her last day of daycare before we head to Ohio on Tuesday. Daddy is watching her tomorrow since she's a bit sick to go to a friends house.

She's feisty and stubborn regardless of her cold. Wiping her nose is like pulling teeth. Tranquilizers anyone?

Honestly it's been a boring week around here. Other than the fact that The King Of Pop, a Charlie's Angel, and good old Ed McMahon died last week. Crazy. Guess it really does happen in threes. Despite Michael's hobbies, I loved his music. Particularly the Free Willy Song.

So obviously we have nothing new to talk about around here. I'm sure when we get back I'll have loads of fun pictures and great times to share about.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Uh Oh.. It's potty-training time.

Read the books and the warning signs are far different from the ones little Ms. Kenzie has been displaying. However, since birth this little product of perfection(Mommy bias only of course!) has marched to her own drummer since birth. She's not reading the baby books and she decides when she wants to use the John!

So- for over month Kenzie has been taking off her diaper(even with pants on) when she has gone number 2. If she cannot manage to get it off, she grabs at her crotch to inform us that she isn't a fan of what is in her britches.

When she does take her diaper off she proceeds to find a corner and does her business. Nice. Sometimes the dog is nice enough to clean up after(I think I taste vomit in my mouth). Yesterday Duane and I finally realized that maybe she is indeed ready. Why you ask?

Well after she went in a corner(of course we don't catch her doing this until it's too late in most circumstances) she proceeded to take her droppings to the toilet and drop it in. Afterwards she threw some toilet paper in there and insisted I flush. I didn't know if I should cheer her on or be disgusted.

So after vacation we're getting seat for the toilet and trying to see if this new found independence will favor us in the long run.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Paranoia gets the best of me... Again

This weekend I watched a video(a bit too graphic to post) regarding forward facing car seats versus rear facing car seats. It instantly tugged at my heart because Kenzie has been forward facing since about 15 months.

After watching the video I instantly wanted to turn her and I was able to without issues in my car since her Britax rear faces to 35 pounds. Duane's car seat doesn't, though. We bought it just for pickups from daycare which is literally a two minute drive home. I thought about it, obsessed over it, called a few good friends about it- and finally came to my own conclusion that I had to get her another seat for his car, too. This way he could switch her as well. Oddly enough my Mother called me to tell me about a segment on Good Morning America she watched regarding the EXACT same thing. Call it a sign or whatever, Kenzie's little bum was going to ride rear facing.

The difference with crash dummies is drastically different from forward facing children to Rear facing children. The only regrets I have currently is turning her around in the first place. Better safe than sorry, right?

So I didn't want to take a total loss for the Nautilus I bought for Duane's car so I posted it on Craigslist and within 2 hours had a buyer. Sold. Used that cash towards the cost of a new rear facing seat. So we're rocking a new seat in Duane's car!

Obviously my point is to share my own paranoia with those fellow readers not to attempt to pursue anyone in either direction. It works for us and I've mentioned before that I promised to listen to my gut when Zoey died and it hasn't failed me sense!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bummer. I am growing up!

Each day that passes me by I've learnt to stop depending on other people. I really am trying to focus on the reality that is life. Nothing is ever set in stone and our world is an ever changing dose of reality that sometimes just stinks(for lack of a better term).

Today at work I learned that the schedule I was promised doesn't exist. Since my options are limited I have committed to talking with my manager to see if we can work something out that benefits me as well as the company.

The World continues to rotate on its axis and I sometimes find myself daydreaming about today. How did I get where I am. I mean. Seriously? Marriage, births, deaths, work, no work, and here I am. Still trucking along pretending that I am an adult in this very grown up world. However, I feel oblivious to what the Hell or where the Hell I am and how I got here.

Please don't attempt to speculate that I am depressed or unhappy with where life has taken me. I totally am not(at least not anymore). I am in constant awe of the beauty that is my life. The beauty of watching our daughter develop through the stages of life and the surreal feeling that I am her mother. I am still in shock that two daughters later that, me, Lisa, is a Mom.
Zoey's death is a reminder of just how oblivious I am. Some days I cannot believe we're approaching the 3 year mark since her death- other's it seems like an eternity since I last felt her skin.

When you speak with an elder it's assumed that I know nothing. I used to think that was a degrading comment, but in reality it's the truth. At 27 life is merely smacking me in the face. The twist and turns of an unexpected ride. 27 seems SO old to me- yet 18 seems SO young.
Sometimes I wonder if I knew now what I didn't know then- how different would my life would be. Who knows, right? I guess that's why in this crazy life there are no second chances-Take the experiences you've learned with and utilize them in future situations.
Crazy. I'm 27, married, a Mommy. I've seen things I've never imagined I'd ever see. Still dreaming of things I want to see. And the Lord and the World continue to hold my fate. Again! It's surreal!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A little bit of nothing and some photos

As titled, nothing to really blog about. Work is crazy busy out of nowhere. But at least I don't have to be concerned about getting a pink slip anytime soon. Kenzie is slowly adjusting to daycare life. Today she actually asked to be put down(don't cheer for her, she quickly realized what down meant)! She's still the cutest kid in class(yes, I remain partially bias). Currently thanking the Heavens that tomorrow is Friday- which means water day for Kenzie at school. And that's about it folks. Hopefully, my life will become more exciting.
Sleeping- bum in the air- and her blankey close as ever Long toddler hair(blonde and fine, fine, fine)
Loving the toothbrush(es)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Writing from work

Short and sweet, People.

A colleague had me read this wonderfully illustrated book. It's full of sarcasm about every day life and perfectly worded for each amazing animal photo. It's called "Tomorrow" and you should totally check it out. I'm still smiling!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey.. She's learning!

This weekend I've noticed a few new things McKenzie must have picked up at daycare.

She's totally doing the motions to "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes!" She is pretty aggressive about it, too. She bangs her knees and says, "knees." You see in an 18-month old's world "knees" is the code word for the entire song. So, picture a lot of head banging, shoulder swinging, and knee slapping- while screaming.. KNEES! Have you pictured it? Good. Hysterical, huh? Too bad I haven't been able to capture this new cuteness on film. Yet.

She's also perfected the word MINE. Everything is hers. And now she is no longer afraid to let us know. Mine. Mine. Mine. The remote? Hers. The TV? Hers. My toothbrush? Hers. Amazing that this little person controls the household with one little shout of a four letter word. I should have reminded her that four letter words are forbidden here at home.

She's still perfected the art of the drop-off scream. Each morning I drop her off she clings to me, cries her little heart out, and makes it known that she believes her little world may be possibly coming to an end. Thankfully, her daily report cards tell me she is doing well after her morning fits. *Sigh*

Just remember that old saying, "This too shall pass!"