Monday, August 23, 2010

And he has a room......

Duane finished the baby's room. In case you're having trouble reading his name will be Brenton(Brent for a nickname) Isaac.

I LOVE the room. The colors are great! We ran out of hangers hanging his clothes. His drawers are stuffed! All we need now is a baby BOY!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

McKenzie- You're 33 months old!

Sweet Mercy Little Girl, you'll be 3 in 3 months(and 4 days since I wrote this a few days before your 33rd month)! It's all really hard to grasp. You've transformed from itty-bitty newborn, into a fast paced toddler, and slowly into a gorgeous little girl.

I say this nearly every time I write one of your letters and I'll say it again. You'll never fully grasp the concept of how much you've blessed our lives. They call babies subsequent to loss "rainbow" babies. You really are our rainbow baby. You're the calm after the storm. You're the reminder that God blesses us and loves us daily. You've taught as about what parenthood is really about. We love you. More than I can often wrap my mind around.

You have a sweet soul. You remain fiercely independent. You're wise and stubborn. You're feisty and hysterical. You can do something so wildly wrong and flash your gappy grin and we instantly forget the chaos you've just done. I suppose that's what being a two-year old is all about. We're on your roller coaster called life; we've hit lots of bumps and had some bruises and tears along the way- but we're enjoying this wild ride, little girl.

The last three-months we've had lots and lots of changes. The paci or "ginky" as you've lovingly called it is history. You could have cared less much to my shock. You sold that paci for 2 new toys and never looked back. Ironically yesterday you were reading a book about babies and you asked for the paci when you saw a baby in the book had one. You flashed this ridiculously ornery smile and said, "I'd like a ginky please!" You crack me up.

You've also moved from a crib into a big girl bed. You go to bed now(after weeks and weeks of fighting) without too much fuss. You often wake to sneak in our room. You REALLY want to sleep in your baby brother's bed. You think it's the best thing ever. We have to remind you that his bed is for babies and yours is for big girls. You remind us that you'd much prefer being a baby! *Sigh*

You talk a ton. You never seem to stop. You also sing. You insist that "Mary had a little lamb" is really "baby" lamb and nothing we say can steer you from this! Remember me telling you that you're stubborn? You sing your ABC's and can count to 20. I have to laugh and your pronunciation of the numbers once we're into the teens!

You wear undies 24/7 now and never have an accident. You're quick to point out when someone, "pee-pee's on themselves"

You're favorite food is eggs(dang recall) and cheese. Favorite shows are still Max and Ruby and Dora. Favorite color is pink. Favorite toys are dolls.

By the time we write your 3 year old letter you'll be a big sister. I cannot wait to see how you react to baby Brenton. You don't really get that my expanding baby isn't just called a baby brother- but there WILL be a baby brother in the house for you.
You wear his clothes, steal his diapers for your dolls, and use his things to be motherly to random stuff animals. I really hope this is indicative of what kind of sister you'll be. Please remember adding another person to our family means another person to love, not less love for you.
We love you to the Moon and Back!

Thursday, August 12, 2010