Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Image that will for sure make his Senior yearbook page.

I think he is saying, "Mom. Seriously?! You stick me in the grass, in the nude, and you then have the audacity to snap photos?!?" He's simply irresistible? Is anything cuter than man boobs, back rolls, dimpled hands, on a cute barely 7 month old?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Brenton: You're 7 months old today

Happy 7th month my sweet chubby boy. Your 6 month flew by before I knew it and I nearly forgot that today you turned 7 months old. I just told someone yesterday at the grocery store that you were 6 and a half months old. I am obviously in denial about you getting so big, so quick!
You remain my sweet and laid back little guy. You love, love, love, your sister. She's constantly playing with you(sometimes a bit rougher than I'd like) and you light up. You watch her every move and I hope you're not learning how to be naughty. *wink* Lately, you're really objecting to not getting your way. If we take something from you we get the below result. You LOVE food and beg and smack your lips EVERY time we eat. We often give you bites of our food, but the bites cannot come quick enough for you and you often scream and shake your hands. It's pretty hysterical.
Today you FINALLY learned to roll in both directions. I've seen you roll from belly to back since about 3 months old, but you sort of just stopped doing this. Today you've been rolling over and over again. You're also trying very hard to get up on all fours. You can push your arms ALL way up, but you haven't figured out to get both your knees up and your arms up together. I am thinking that my thought process of you never learning to crawl may very well be incorrect. Dang. Two mobile kids in my near future!

You're saying, "Dada" and "Baba" randomly. You're sitting like a pro. You put EVERYTHING in your mouth and you're starting to attempt the pincer grasp. You've changed quite drastically in the last 7 months. I love watching you learn new things, but it's hard to watch you become independent. You're my last little baby and I suspect you'll be grown before I know it. I am enjoying your open mouthed, slobbery kisses and cuddles with you while you still allow me to have them.

You're constantly getting attention where ever we go. People care always stopping me to tell me what beautiful children I have. It makes me beam. You have this look about you that makes me think you're wise beyond your years, a real mature look about you.

I still cannot believe how much joy your little self brings me. I love you more and more everyday. You're hysterical and sweet. You seem to be WAY more passive than your sister and I appreciate that. One feisty kid is plenty for this household. I have a billion dreams and hopes for you and I cannot wait to watch you do them.

You own my heart little guy and I love you more than I can ever manage to express.

Love you to the moon and back,