Thursday, March 20, 2008


Kenzie is being dedicated the 30th of March at church. For those who don't know much about dedications- it pretty much is that we as her parents agree to raise her in the church and we she is old enough for accountability she'll accept Christ and have a water baptism. I am super excited!

Here's the slide that will play right before her dedication...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A week of milestones

We've had some VAST improvements on the floor!

So, I've been keeping Kenzie on the floor- a lot!at first she just laid there looking bored and ignoring her toys- she's now grabbing them and rocking to her side! All within a few days!!
Also, she's enjoying her belly a bit more(still in small doses) and is lifting a lot better for a lot longer! I am SO proud of her!!

We're only using the jumperoo for when I cook so she is in eyes view. She loves jumping(something she just discovered she's able to do) grabbing at the toys and just being silly!
She's also perfected making the raspberry sound- but we're still working on the actual motion- she'll stick her tongue out!
Thought I'd share!!

Here's a video of her tummy time today! She still doesn't lift as high as
"most" 3 1/2 month olds- but she is clearly on her way!

Seriously, I am so psyched! Must be a mom thing! Ooh, and we're eating solids now. She's doing great. She'll take 26 or so ounces of formula a day- a tablespoon of oatmeal w/ pear juice in the AM and 1/2 a jar of peas at night w/ 2 ounces of pear juice. The pear juice was pedi recommended to help her go #2!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tummy Time Woes

McKenzie always starts out strong
Seconds later she looks like this

I do want to add that she is more than capable of lifting her head 90 degrees as she does this when I place her on her belly on her changing table or our bed. However, the vast majority of the time on her belly she is burying her face into the carpet screaming. I don't enforce it too much because I don't want her to put the two negatives together. MOST people tell me MOST of their babies hated it, too. By the looks of things she should be crawling soon.. *NOT*
Notice how much posting is going on? I am quite proud of myself!

Gotta love advice!

Even if it is unwanted!
My Aunt and I were talking(mind you this particular Aunt believes she'll be a rainbow when she dies, lives at home with a plethora of animals and has 0 kids). Anyway, she told me that I am going to make McKenzie too dependent. Why?Well, our little Kenz does not self soothe. Meaning, she NEEDS her paci to sleep. Does not fall asleep alone(we use the swing for naps- and a bottle and rocking for bedtime). How do you break them of this? I am not overly concerned as she is only 3 months and like I told my Aunt she should be dependent at this age. I would speculate that they eventually outgrow the need for Mommy to be present for sleep, right?Out of curiosity- do you nurse/feed your baby to sleep; do you use some sort of great rocking device(The swing)? Or does your baby just go in his/her crib/bassinet and drift off into a wonderful slumber. Did want to add that MOST days Kenzie plays by herself on the floor(she does break her neck to watch me though)- and does not need constant stimulation from me. Days she does she gets it. Oh, well!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Forgive me.. It's been awhile.

I tend to forget I even belong to the whole blogging world. Probably because I am fairly certain that Alicia is the only one who reads this.

So, how just how long have I been missing from the Internet? Over a month. A lot has changed since then with Duane and I. McKenzie seems to be a totally different kid.

Let. me. think. One week ago I took McKenzie into her doctor for the second visit regarding her congestion(the kid has sounded like a Mack Truck for nearly 8 weeks) where the nurse practitioner decides she has reflux- not the common cold they diagnosed her with last visit. She decides to have me add cereal to her bottles. So, I tried. The rice did nothing but make her MORE constipated(think when she's a teen she'll forgive me for constantly talking about her body functions). So, we switched to oatmeal. It does work OK; however, she takes only about a fourth of what she normally consumes. I decide that I'd much rather have her filled with the nutrients of formula.So, after lots of trial and errors we've only been adding cereal in her night bottle since her congestion tends to be worse during these hours. Mind you- she's still congested. Our wonderfully educated nurse practitioner completely dismissed my theory that our baby girl may share the genes of both of her parents and have allergies. *sigh* Here's a sweet little video- make sure you pay extra close attention. Ooh, and she weighed in at 12 pounds 14 ounces. Sheesh, how fast is she growing?

Kenzie is 15 weeks today. She has changed immensely in the last few months. It really is amazing watching her develop into her own little person. She grabs at toys- smiles- talks constantly. She lifts and holds her head steady- and is obsessed with her fingers and hands. She is quite the drool bucket these days. She has learned to giggle within the last few weeks- I noticed that when I gave her mouth smooches she would giggle. So, I stupidly did this right after a bottle and got a mouthful of leftover formula(AKA spit-up) YUM! I am looking forward to the future to watch her grow even more!

I'll try to keep this going more efficiently. Hope to see you in a few more weeks.