Monday, June 30, 2008


Kenzie has them. Two of them actually. They're twin girls who are just shy of 8-months old. They're super sweet and adorable. Plus, Kenzie has been taking mental notes on crawling from her older and wiser friends. We had a ton of fun today at the Florida Aquarium . They have added a new water area that hadn't been there the last time I visited, ages ago. McKenzie, Emerson, and Avery had a blast being splashed by the fountains and the twins had fun being chased by their mom. It is really cool to hang out and watch Kenzie interact with babies her own age. She kept trying to steal one of the girls hats. She's a riot.
see her teethies?3 babies in a conch shell
Still in the shell
Playing- I like how they're bent over, trying their hardest to figure out where this water is coming from.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

7 months!

EEK! How in the world did that happen? My big girl is 7 whole months old! Crazy. Well, according to our scale she's about 19 pounds and 27.5 inches!

I love her more and more each day and it really is a type of love you can't even fathom unless you've experienced it with your own children. She's a really good baby. A tad needy- but that is fine by me.

New skills since last month include: holding her own bottle( I still prefer I hold it as I have read- and my pedi agrees that this reduces ear infections in infants) I give it to her to hold when I am super busy and she's super cranky. Drinking/holding her own sippy cup of water! She does best with the Nuby one her Aunt Jenn in Oregon got her. She's pulling to a stand. Does best using us, but she can manage with furniture with some help(not bad for a 6 month old when she started this). Starting to cruise a bit- quite slow and a bit wobbly. She stands with VERY little support! She's babbling Dada and Baba and gives kisses and hugs when asked. She also survived her 1st time in church daycare this past Sunday! Yay, Kenzie! She does NOT crawl. Nor does she seem too interested in doing so. She's quite content to sit and observe or use Daddy and I to climb/roll over! Very cute!

The video shows me attempting to get her cruising on camera- instead she lets go and uses only her chest to balance herself against the futon! Big girl!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

We've been shopping!

Our little girl has been growing like a weed. We've just boxed the last bit of her 3-6 month's clothes away. So, Duane and I headed out to the outlet mall to shop for some new clothes at my favorite children's stores: The Children's Place and my recent favorite(thanks,Amy)Gymboree.
We bought a few new outfits in larger sizes. I absolutely love shopping for her. Insane. I never imagined that I would be this thrilled to go shopping for another person! But, I am.
I am quite picky about what I like her to wear. I hate, hate, hate character clothing! A lot of people like to mention that McKenzie will resent me not allowing her to wear it when she gets older.. I think she'll appreciate it! Ha. She has a wide array of clothes. We like consignment shops and Target. Wal-mart is not a favorite among baby clothes; they either run way too big, or finding something non-character related on their racks is a rare find.
Is all this clothes talk boring you? Ha. Can you tell I don't have much to post about? At least I shared a cute new picture of McKenzie sporting a new outfit!
Before I sign off for the night(or the week maybe) I want to send out a HUGE congrats to Jan on the birth of Baby Austin(all 9lbs 10 ounces of him)! He's gorgeous!
Enough for now!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I finally got McKenzie's first words on video. Dada. Figures, right? She says baba, too. I say Mama to her ALL day long and she looks at me like I have twelve heads. I keep reminding myself that it is just phonetically easier for her to say Dada! Ha.

In other news, McKenzie is sick. Yesterday she refused her bottle before nap(she normally gulps this one down). When she woke she was pretty hot so I took her temperature. 101.5. I took her into her pedi, only to be given a list of what could be's since everything looks good( I thought for sure it was her 1st ear infection). So, we were sent home with watch and wait orders. She refused to drink anything from 12-9! Yikes! She was eating solids- and lots of them. Last night her fever spiked to 103.1 at one point(at 3 Am with blood curdling screaming). She woke this morning with a low fever and still no appetite. Her fever seems to be gone- now we wait for her appetite to return. Poor bub!

Monday, June 9, 2008

They DO change overnight.

I was just talking with Alicia about Kenzie's lack of pincer grasp ability. Well, today, she's grabbing using those two little fingers. She's nowhere near mastered this milestone- but well enough to successfully feed her self Gerber Puffs. Which, I may add, she adores! I adore them, too, because they'll always melt before she has a true opportunity to choke. Amen!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just because she's so dang cute

Nope not bias. Not even a smudge! But, seriously, have you seen a cuter 6-month old(other than your babies of course.)

McKenzie is all about mimicking these days. My mom taught her how to do this and she does it with her forearm ALL day long.

Seriously, cute.

Excuse me having her say hello to Heather. A friend of mine asked to see her in action.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stupid scale

I joined Weight Watchers 2 weeks ago on Wednesday. So far, I've lost a whopping 3.2 pounds. Don't get too excited for me! Ha ha!

I just bought a new digital scale and the thing is a piece of crap. Some days it'll have my weight 15 pounds less- and then others 10 pounds heavier. I never, never get the same result twice. This can really mess with ones weight loss mindset!

In fact, Mom was over, it had her weight 20 pounds higher than our old school scale and 18 pounds higher than the one she has at home. Its making its fancy way back to Wal-mart to screw with someone else's mind.

On a side note: We're buying new bumpers for Kenzie's crib, too. The ones that came with her expensive fancy set(it was Zoey's) fits all weird- and I had to rig it to make it safe. Anyhow, I was taking them off last night to change her sheets(major pain the rear) and two of the strings broke off. Nice. My reward for this- She was up multiple times from bumping her head- or stuck limbs!


*edited to add* Which scales are the most accurate? Digital or the old school kind you set yourself each time? I ask because I got another digital and it is about a 5 pound difference from my old school one?!?