Thursday, August 21, 2008

Germs everywhere!

As mentioned in the previous post, McKenzie has been sick. We finally took her to the pediatrician and she indeed has a respiratory infection. Her prize is a 10 day supply of Amoxicillan(Duane and I are both allergic to this and she seems to be just fine with it).

Her spirits have been decent. Her solid intake minimal. Last night for dinner she did eat an entire jar of Chicken and Sweet Potatoes and a cup of fruit cocktail. She even had 1/2 a piece of veggie thin crust pizza. So, just maybe, she's finally moving on from this silly bug.

I've been praying and pleading with God above that I somehow, someway, avoided this bug. Nope. Yesterday I felt the yucky sore throat and nasal pressure. So, I've decided to attempt to combat it early with a supply of Zicam along with Vitamin C tablets. This stuff is supposed to cut the cold symptoms in half and help prevent it from getting worse if taken soon! So far it seems to be working well. I just hope it STAYS that way. The stuff taste like chewing an aspirin. So, it better be worth it!

Saturday bright and early(730 AM take of time) we leave for the beautiful state of Oregon to visit my in laws! I am stoked. I am not looking forward to the very long flight with a VERY mobile little girl. I just keep hoping and praying that she'll sleep the entire 7 hours of travel time. Wishful thinking, huh? Kenzie is packed(Duane joked that although I packed a billion outfits I didn't even make a dent in her closet) and ready to go. We've got enough baby friendly snacks to keep a daycare fed!

This is the first time McKenzie will meet her Papa and Grandma and I know she'll love it there. I think she'll particularly like Buddy(a cute pup for her to chase)!

So, obviously, I'll be MIA from the blogging world for just over a week!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mystery Solved and some unrelated news, too!

For nearly a week McKenzie has been sick: snot, some coughing, more snot. All of that with lots and lots of screaming and a low grade fever in between her doses of baby Tylenol.

Back up a few days prior to the first cold symptom and you'd find McKenzie and I at her pediatrician checking on what I suspected was an ear infection(her outer ear was BRIGHT red). She did not have an infection, instead he speculated that she was bit by some random Florida insect. Her doctor asked if I thought she was teething; I said I hadn't noticed any of the traditional symptoms. He looked in her mouth and agreed. No new teeth in her near future.

I assumed that her recent illness and screaming could not have been ear infection related since her ears had JUST been checked. A few days into her cold and a few doses of Tylenol later, the fever and screaming vanished leaving only snot and a cough to remind us that our little bug was still sick.

Well, today, she opens her mouth and low and behold- a TOOTH!

It is her bottom left lateral incisor(what the heck, lol). So now she has 2.5 on the bottom and 0 on top! Hopefully the right will come to make her have some even toofies! Hahah!
Who would have thought the lateral incisors would be coming in before the central tops? This would be in true McKenzie fashion. She never does anything by the book.

In unrelated news:

In addition to McKenzie standing unsupported for short periods of time, she has been caught twice taking one FULL unassisted steps without holding on. It usually goes something like this: Cruise a bit, let go, one wobble step- FALL! Haha!

Here's a short video showing off her standing skills!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good Bye, Purees!

Kenzie decided that her pureed baby food was for the birds. So, we've been playing around with all sorts of table foods. At first, she enjoyed chewing them to mush and promptly spitting it ALL back out. At least she increased her bottles from 6 ounces to 8 ounces to make up the difference. Well, yesterday and today, she's been chewing and swallowing!

Yesterday's menu went like this( In addition to 32 ounces of formula) Water with each meal.

Breakfast: 1 yo-baby yogurt and a handful of Cheerios's.

AM snack: Baby baked goldfish

Lunch: pasta w/ grated fresh Parmesan cheese, green beans, and a bit of fruit cocktail

PM snack: Some fresh blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe pieces.

Dinner: Beef Stew and Fruit cocktail. I made homemade stew and I gave her the sauce and veggies and potatoes(the beef was a bit too tough for her). She ate quite a bit of it!

So, here's the issue. I need healthy food suggestions! For dinner tonight we're having shrimp so she obviously cannot have that so I think I'll make her some pasta-pickups and she can have the other sides. I also need suggestions for soft, healthy foods that are easy to travel with for when we're on the go.