Saturday, February 28, 2009

McKenzie: You're 15 months old!

A lot has changed since you turned one-year old. For starters you had your fifteen-month appointment on Friday. We had actually brought you in a few days early since you have yet another cold and your doctor spotted the starts of an eye infection. You were kind enough to share your infection with both Mommy and Daddy and we're all on antibiotics for it. You weigh 24 pounds, 8 ounces and you stand a whole 32.5 inches tall.
Your doctor was impressed with your development and mentioned how "bright" you were- especially considering you don't go to daycare. Who knew some one else's compliments could have Mommy gleaming with pride.

You've learned a ton of new things in the past three-months. You know most of your body parts and your favorite to point to is your toes. You bed ALL the way over and dramatically point to your "piggy's". You're learning to repeat random words that you hear and your all time favorite word is up.
You've decided that being restrained is for babies. You absolutely hate, hate, hate, being tied down. It's not out of the ordinary to see Daddy pushing the stroller and Mommy trailing behind with you tightly holding my hand.
You're all about independence. You MUST feed yourself and although you understand how to use the spoon, you're less than clean doing so. You've started getting a shower after breakfast and dinner for this reason.
You LOVE climbing. Nothing is off limits. Your favorite thing to climb is our dining room table. Just a friendly reminder that you make Mommy's heart skip a beat when you do this. So. Stop!
You love your dog and love hanging on her. Bayleigh is complaisant- but is less than amused with your billion kisses.
As mentioned before- you love, love, love books. You can be in a totally different room and when I ask if you want to read a book- you'll run in your bedroom and pick out a book for Mommy to read to you. You really understand a lot now. It's really surreal how fast you've developed in 15 short months.

Recently, you survived your first full day without Mommy and Daddy. It wasn't by choice- and Mommy's hospital stay was extended by a few crazy hours. But you survived. Maureen and Pop Pop watched you. Pop Pop put your diaper on backwards(and Daddy had to remind him to FEED you), but I was impressed that he changed your poopy diaper. You didn't seem phased by our absence.
You've also left our nest- well, sort of. You're sleeping in your own room. It only took Mommy 14.5 months to cut the cord. But- we did it. I still check on you a dozen times through out the night.

I still cannot believe that we've been your parents for over a year. We've watched you develop from a newborn to an infant- and now we're watching you bloom into a toddler. I often dream about what kind of little girl you'll become. We can wait.
You're incredibly sweet, stubborn, and you have a temper that Daddy thinks resembles mine. You know what you want and how to get it. You are my whole world and I thank the Heavens every day that you're here and I get to experience being your mother. Life is good.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Little Intellect

Kenzie LOVES to read books. She's quite gentle with them, too. She doesn't rip the pages anymore. No books are off limits: Bibles, Duane's work books, menus- they're all of interest to my little braniac.

She loves to point at the characters and babble along as she "reads" each one thoroughly. Randomly, she grab one from her room and come into the living room or where ever I may be. She'll toss the book into my lap and proceed to climb up. You think she's trying to request something from me?

Seriously? Other than the obnoxious corn popper they are are favorite things in the whole world. Hoping she loves them as much in about 17 years when she's applying for Harvard.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A long week

We had a routine ultrasound appointment this past Tuesday. I was pretty excited to see the baby again. Sadly, the ultrasound reveled that the baby no longer had a heartbeat. The doctors believe the baby stopped growing around 12 weeks(2 days prior to my scan). We were told that there is no reason for this and 35% of first trimester pregnancies end in miscarriage.

I would have been in my 2nd trimester in less than a week. We're beyond disappointed, sad, shocked, even angry. We weren't planning on making McKenzie a sister until quite awhile- but we happily accepted our news and begin to become excited for the arrival of our third blessing.

Monday I'll have a D&C procedure to remove the baby from my womb. I am a bit nervous about going under general anesthesia. Although, I've been under it a few other times without complications. I guess I worry a bit more now with Kenzie and something happening to me and her being left motherless. I know, paranoid much?

It's really amazing how this sweet little girl can be so healing. She's such a reminder of the GOOD things God does in our lives everyday. We're beyond blessed to have her here- happy and healthy. The fact that she is simply adorable is just a bonus to it all. Seriously could her little face be ANY cuter? My heart just explodes with love thinking about how much she's already given us in her short 14 months on Earth. Thanks sweet girl, thanks.