Friday, December 26, 2008

Tears during bedtime

For Christmas Duane and I got McKenzie a bunch of new books. We read to her every night before bed and today's book was one of her Christmas gifts. I love you so was the book she "chose" to read. As we read through it, each page described unconditional love.. Too sweet...
Then the last page had me in tears.. It read

I can't imagine life before you came along...Me there singing senseless, No meaning to my song.

Call it meant to be or simply blessed fate,you fill my heart with love...and for that I celebrate...

Seriously? I am still tearing up! Perfect mushy book for those saps out there.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas blessings

What a wonderful time of the year. The birth of our savior is tomorrow. What a great gift he was able to provide to all of us,believers and non-believers the truth remains the same.

This year has flew by. Kenzie has gone from a itty-bitty newborn and blossomed into a rambunctious toddler. Blessed.

Tonight we have our annual Christmas Eve party with the extended family. Tomorrow we open gifts with family and we eat out at our favorite restaurant. I cannot wait to see Kenzie get all excited over some of her new things. She starting to really obsess over books and Duane and I picked out a few new ones.

Christmas will always remain very special to me. So to my Father, whom I am eternally grateful for, Merry CHRISTmas. Happy Birthday. Thank you for your gifts of love, eternal life, and grace.

Today? Well? I got my very own Christmas surprise?
I have NEVER pictured myself being the mom of two babies under two. I still haven't figured out the logistics of it and every bit of stress it will entail. But, it is a blessing nonetheless. A non-planned, wonderful surprise.

I KNOW how it happens. But still trying to figure out HOW it happened as we've been pretty careful. Guess God determines our lives and doesn't let our "opinions" interfere with those plans.

So bring on baby number three. Due sometime in late August!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Silent Night

Kenzie met Santa yesterday at the local grocery store. We typically don't do the whole Santa thing, as I want the main focus of Christmas to be on Christ' birth. However, I really, really, wanted the screaming baby picture. It worked just as planned.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Disabled Ernie

The blog has been quite quiet these days. Mainly because for the last 10 days McKenzie has been loading her diapers with diarrhea and was vomiting for a week straight. A trip to the ER and two doctor appointments later we still have no idea why she's been so sick,but I'll spare you all the gory details and leave you with a funny.

Bayleigh has adopted this toy from Kenzie. You see Ernie's head is no longer able to stand erect and it tries effortlessly to do the "hokie pokie" with out making eye contact! The dog? Still fascinated by this particular toy; Kenzie is equally fascinated by chasing after Bayleigh when she's attempting to decapitate Ernie.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Do you remember?

I totally had to call my good buddy, Alicia, from the mall to have her share in my excitement. McKenzie was given a fifty dollar gift certificate to Jc Penny's and since I am not too fond of character clothes are clothes that have PRINCESS in bright bold colors- we opted for new shoes instead.

What did I find her? Ha. Some brand new LA Gear!! Ha ha! Seriously, that brand of shoes was rockin' in the late 80's when my Mama bought them for me. They were my first pair of labeled shoes and I was in L-O-V-E. Not to mention I thought I was too cool for my own good with some shiny white and pink shoes that LIGHT up!

Kenzie's don't light up, but they're super cute and match a lot of her tans/creme outfits. She was quickly outgrowing her size four brown shoes so the LA Gears came in handy. I cannot stop cracking up!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Parties and appointments

McKenzie's birthday party was this past Saturday(the 29th). She had a great time and was blessed with lots of cool presents. She demolished her cake in true one-year old fashion. It as a bit of a chore attempting to clean her up at the park, but we managed.

We also had her one year appointment today(the 1st of December). She's doing fantastic. Developmentally she's right on target. She weighs 21 pounds, 15 ounces and is 32 inches long! Tall baby.. Erhmm, toddler. Her doctor told her, "Welcome to toddlerhood!" when he walked in the room.

She had two vaccines. We delayed the MMR vaccine until her 2nd year and declined the flu shot. He's happy to hear that she's bottle free and said NO foods are off limits(Including peanut butter and shell fish). We're going to wait on those two a bit longer. He also encouraged that we stick with the straw sippy cups as they're better for her teeth and speech development. No problems there as little Miss is NOT a fan of traditional sippy cups.

All in all she's 100% perfect!