Monday, October 6, 2014

Brenton- You're FOUR years old today!

Happy, Happy, 4th birthday, to our beautiful boy!
 Today you're four years old. This morning I was snuggling you and I said, "why do you have to grow so fast? I cannot believe you're a BIG four year old" You responded, every so sweetly, with "Mama, I can always be your baby!" And proceeded to make baby noises. You simply melt me in your quiet moments of sweetness. Everything from  your "love you to outer space" to you billion kisses and bear hugs makes me realize that with all that craziness that comes from your little body, there is a sweet souled little boy that comes with it, free of charge.

You're starting to act more "human." This is a running joke with Daddy and I as we're always saying to each other, "when will he be human?" You're still feisty and stubborn, but you're showing your good side way more often than not. You have a temper.  Last weeks school report read: "Good boy. Need to work on that temper and lowering his voice!" I loved that she saw the good boy in you, too!

You're sleeping in your own bed since August 11th. Let me repeat: You're sleeping in YOUR own bed since August 11th!!

Your favorites include: Trucks, Handy Manny, Cars, Octonauts, Dinosaurs, Team Umizoomi, baseball, and the pool! You love, love, love, Bayleigh, and now that you're not loving her so aggressively, I think she is starting to love you, too!

You're the worlds best eater for a three-year old(err, four-year old!). Last night we did Hibachi and you quickly stole my salad and proceeded to eat the entire thing. You begged for some of Aunt Laurie's lobster and quickly devoured that. You love all things green and barely turn anything away. I was hoping that this trait of yours would rub off on your sister, so far, not the case!

You've learned all kids of things this year. You can ride a bike now(training wheels attached). You can tread water in the pool. You can count for what seems like forever. You can recognize letters and the sounds they make.  You love  to take things apart, just to put them back together. You're dressing yourself and becoming more and more independent. And while I love watching you grow into the little boy you're becoming, I miss assisting you in a lot of things that you now insist on doing yourself.

You love your sissy. You protect her. Cuddle her. and then... You fight with her. All day. everyday. Sometimes we remind the both of you that you're all each other has. But, deep down, I know you're the best of friends. You almost always call her sissy. In fact, in your four-years on earth, I think I have heard you use her name twice. Oddly enough I never thought I'd like the whole "sissy' bit, but hearing you say it melts me .

Even though days can be long raising you and assisting you to make good choices, I wouldn't change a thing about you. Your spunkiness is what makes you, you! We love you from the top of your spikey hair, to the bottom of your kissable feet! We love that you are as sweet and you are "spicy".  We love how much laughter you bring into our family and how much LOVE we all have for you, and you for us.

Normally, I'd close with my "love you to the moon and back" but it doesn't seem quite fitting...

So, my sweet four year old, I LOVE YOU TO OUTER SPACE!