Friday, October 22, 2010

Throwing in the towel!

I really assumed that I'd struggle with Duane and my choice to make Brenton our last baby. We figured that two at home to raise was a perfect fit for us.

I don't have a ton of patience(shocker, right?) and lets be honest, those first few years is rough!
Up until Brenton my two previous c-sections were ridiculously easy. With Zoey we had to use general anesthesia because we couldn't get the spinal in- but the healing aspect was pretty much painless. McKenzie's incision opened up, but again, painless. The actual surgery was SO easy from start to finish. So easy in fact I didn't know they had started until I heard those first cries!
Brenton's? Whew! The c-section sucked. I felt every sensation, every tug, and had to use IV pain meds in addition to the spinal because one tends to freak out when they know exactly what's going on behind that blue sheet!
I still have an infection in my incision. My nipples are probably scarred for life; they're proof of our desperate attempt to breastfeed and apparently unsuccessfully.
Brenton is 16 days old and still jaundice. Though his levels per a test yesterday is still within the "safe zone!" He's just now back to his birth weight of 8 pounds, 12 ounces. Which makes me again think that his lazy suck and latch is the direct culprit of the never ending jaundice and slow weight gain.
So, with all that craziness, we are SO happy to be DONE! No more babies! We're closing the baby making chapter of our lives to focus on the baby raising chapter!
Two happy progress notes? I am down 20 pounds! Woot! And B's penis has healed perfectly from his circumcision. Hope he doesn't hate me 15 years from now for talking about his little "man part!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Sisters Rock!

Kenzie loves, loves, loves, Brenton. And while her constant kissing, shushing, rocking, touching, prodding, can get annoying- it's absolutely adorable. It melts my heart.She is totally in love with him. I can only pray that their relationship and bond continues to grow as they both grow.

We are truly blessed.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A day of doctor visits-

Brenton had his first pediatrician appointment today. He is only 3 ounces less than his birth weight now. This made my heart smile. He's growing off his Mama's milk. We've really had some rough days wit nursing. I never imagined something so "natural" could be so, so, hard. His latch has improved about 90%, he's going 2 hours between feeds(day and night) and overall is a pretty happy little guy.

Pedi was really pushing the Hepatitis B vaccine. We're opting for a delayed vaccine schedule this time- he'll get fully vaccinated; however, just a bit slower and less vaccines given at each doctor visit. I'm sure the doctor didn't like that choice- but that's life, right?
His circumcision is scheduled for Thursday. As stated previously we couldn't do it at the hospital because I was nursing him and he had to go without food. Thursday is his 8th day of life, which is when it is said to be done per Biblical standards. Duane also read that this is when the blood clots independently.
I made an appointment at my OB office today as well. I had some gunk coming from my c-section incision. Apparently, the wound is trying to re-open on it's own. This happened with McKenzie and I ended up with a silver dollar size hole and had to pack it with gauze to force it to create a scar. I have to go back in a week and if it's STILL leaking then they'll reopen it to allow it to drain and heal. Lovely. Praying to the good Lord above that this will NOT have to happen!
This c/s has been by far the worse. From the start of it(pulling, lots of sensation, a high spinal block) to healing- it has been what MOST people describe c/s to be. However, for me, my other two were SO easy with very little pain. I am still on pain meds and still crying in pain. Ahhhh!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Brenton is 3 and a half days old. He's adjusting well to being at home.

He's eating well, though I am quite sore because of his latch is lazy. This too shall pass.
He's giving me 2-3 hour stretches at night and he's eating every 2 hours during the day.
McKenzie is trying to adjust. She wants to hold, stroke, kiss him ALL day long. She's also refusing Daddy and wants me- which makes things a tad difficult considering her brother is usually attached to me. So we've dealt with a lot of breakdowns for her. I think we've decided that she'll stay in daycare for a few days a week to give us both a nice break!
My friend who is a lactation consultant is coming today to work on getting a wider latch out of him. Hopefully, this will work and he'll stop causing me to curl my toes every time he latches on.
Brenton's first doctors appointment is Monday. Because of a feeding screw up he wasn't circumcised in the hospital, so we'll discuss that with his pedi. IF Duane really wants it done he'll take him to my OB to have it done- if not, we'll leave it alone.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome Brenton Isaac

Brenton was born today, Wednesday, October 6th 2010 @ 3:41 PM. C-Section got off to a late start. Kenzie is in LOVE with him!
He weighs 8 pounds, 12 ounces and is 20 inches long. He's nursing well- though seems to prefer tiny meals every 30 minutes vs a good meal every few hours.
I am tired and overwhelmed. Quite sore this time around, too.... Feeling Oh so blessed.