Saturday, February 19, 2011

1st haircut

Today McKenzie had her first haircut. It's adorable! She cooperated pretty well, but we ended up leaving thinking it was over only to go back because her back was WAY longer than her sides. Part of her moving a TON!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brenton: You're 4 months old!

Happy 4th month sweet boy! You remain the sweetest baby. EVER. I cannot believe how fast you're growing. You seem to change by the second. You're grabbing at toys, putting everything you grab into your mouth, talking, rolling, smiling. You're eating 7 ounces at a time now- and nothing is better than when you eat. You love to eat. LOVE to eat! You can also "tripod" sit for 15 or so seconds at a time.You're sleeping through the night and typically wake to eat around 5:30 in the morning. You're a smart, beautiful, amazing, little guy.
This month you caught your sisters "cold" which turned into RSV. You missed a week of school, lost 10 ounces of weight from not eating(see above paragraph) and were all together a miserable man. You also got an ear infection from the RSV, but you still managed to smile, even with snot running down your sweet face.

You're the favorite at your daycare. Your teachers talk about how sweet and calm natured you are all the time. You really are. You don't fuss just to fuss. You have a motive behind each of your wails.
You love your sister and your face lights up when she is around. She sings to you, kisses you, and you laugh and laugh. Sometimes she's a little TOO close to you, and this causes you to become annoyed. I've reminded her that when you're a bit older I may just have to turn a blind eye.

I never imagined how much I could love you before I met you. But my heart radiates with love and I glow every time I think about you. You're too little to understand now, but the world is a insane place and a simple smile from you can be more healing than anything else in the world.
You're perfection and I love you with every inch of my soul. You complete me sweet boy.
I love you to the moon and back,