Sunday, April 6, 2014

Brenton: You're 3-and a half-years old!

Happy half-birthday to my vivacious, curious, stubborn, ridiculously adorable, favorite little guy!

You are quite the comic now-a-days. Just this weekend you were covering your face with a pamphlet while trying to sneak lolly-pops at the barber shop. You assumed that if your face was covered then no one could possibly spot you! The entire waiting area, including myself, was in hysterics. You, however, were oblivious as you were concentrating on your stealth operations.

You have a magnetic personality and people naturally gravitate towards you. You eat this up. You're a ham. You have lots of friends in school and your teacher seems to enjoy you, a lot! Which is insane given the trouble you often cause her!


Trouble? This is you. You're into EVERYTHING. Argue about ANYTHING. You're naughty to the core- but because of that magnetic personality and your willingness to cuddle without prompting people cannot stay upset with you for long(read: ME!)

The second you're corrected for being naughty you quickly rebuttal with an, "I'm so sorry, Mommy? Am I still a good boy?"  

You're obsessed with Team Umizoomi, Fire trucks, and all things BOY. You love getting dirty, climbing to new adventures, and manipulating toys by taking them apart and putting them back together.
You're doing quite well in school: You recognize letters by sight, and the sounds they make. You know your shapes. You can count to 20 to name a few of the last 6-months accomplishments!
You prefer a shower to a bath nowadays. You still would much prefer to sleep with Mommy than your own bed. You fight with your sissy almost daily, but will instantly ask for her when she is away and not stop asking to see her until she's back!
Even as trying as raising as you can be, in all honestly, I wouldn't change a thing about you. You're a spitfire, but have the sweetest soul a momma could ask for. You're loving and empathetic, nurturing and helpful.  You're a blessing to all  those around you. There is a reason people are drawn to you. God has BIG plans for you and I'm just sitting back enjoying the very fast ride!
Love you to the moon and back, Bubby!

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